Our Bespoke Acoustics Service

This is especially tailored to our Sound Absorption range, which focuses on improving the acoustic interiors as opposed to sound transference between rooms, what this results in is a space with reduced reverberation and echo, helping to give way to improving;

  • General concentration
  • Improved communication
  • Increasing comfort by giving a softer environment
  • Improving PA and music systems without excessive late reflections

 We work in the following sectors (but not limited to):

  • Office refurbishments
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Village and sports halls
  • Performance auditoriums and cinemas
  • Music venues and recording studios
  • Places of Worship
  • Healthcare
  • Libraries

It starts with an idea

Every design starts with a very simple idea, whether it is jotted down, or even just a thought - iKoustic wants to help you bring these ideas alive, to see them conceptualised, visualised and finally, put into place. Whether it is in the home or workplace – we are here to support you.

On site

As a first step, we come to you to talk about your project in the given space, so we can review the best practical solutions and how each idea could work along with the current or proposed aesthetic of the space

The calculation

We have two options available for calculating Reverberation Time;

  • RT60 Test for accurate readings of a given rooms by a UKAS accredited partner (onsite)
  • Acoustic modelling to estimate the rooms (offsite)

Depending on your requirements, one of the options may be more suited. If you are looking for accurate results before and after testing, we would certainly recommend the RT60 testing to give a solid reporting on the rooms current performance, required sound absorption and overall improvement to look at achieving the desired Reverb Time - especially if building control have outlined requirements.

Acoustic Modelling estimating is a great option for general improvements, and a quick way of giving figures of what you can expect in improvement.

Ideation and creation

When we have created a brief with the relevant information, we can begin to ideate and create a variety of different concepts and aesthetics in an extensive range of colours. How do we do this? Sketches and basic 3D visualisations which can be alongside company colour schemes, selection of artworks and produced graphical ideas.

The process so far

We now produce a presentation of the concepts and ideas taken from above, giving you a range of potential choices to review and discuss openly. We then take a review of your selections and decide a direction for the aesthetic of the interiors.


Now the fun part, we will take your chosen concepts and produce high quality visualisations of the current space, creating an accurate scale model in 3D modelling software.

Bringing your ideas to life

We have reached a conclusion, now the project comes alive. We can provide a full installation service with all agreed briefs to be put into place - our team have an extensive knowledge of acoustic installation, so you can feel comfortable in knowing that your materials will be installed correctly.