Workspaces, live performance venues and the education sectors are some of the most affected spaces by what is called 'reverberation', even if it is not in excess. Acoustic Design combines with Bespoke Acoustic Interiors to provide the whole package.


Workspace culture has changed significantly over the last 4-5 years, and this is very much a focus for us and the industry as a whole to prepare and maintain the change of dynamics in the workplace. These changes have come with an abundance of research into how noise and sound can both negatively and positively affect the workflow of others and your team.


One of the most significant changes in the workspace environment is the rise of coworking spaces.


  • The demand for flexible workspace solutions from corporate clients increased by 21% in 2018.
  • Europe is forecast to see 255 million square feet of flexible space in 2019,  which represents a 12% increase.
  • Flexible workspaces are expected to make up 7% of the London Commercial Real Estate market in 2019.
  • 14% of employees at large companies use coworking spaces.
  • The average coworking space requirement continues to increase year after year, with the average client taking 7 desks.
  • 72% of coworking operators say they expect to see further industry consolidation, with 58% believing consolidation is a great opportunity.
  • Between 2014 and end of 2018, the number of flexible workspace locations expanded by +205% while the number of operators expanded by +138%.


What these changes mean for workplace acoustics to create a happy and thriving work environment is that there will be individual sensitivities to noise and workflows that many desire and that some expect. For instance, quiet areas in large open-plan spaces are a must for many, but collaborative and 'break-out' areas need to be well planned if they are found close to individual workspaces. It is not only the acoustic benefits that should be explored, but the final product should be visually stimulating and offer a greater overall environment. These coworking spaces have become an entire experience, one that from time to time even introduces guest speakers and lectures, all of which also need functional acoustics to operate successfully.


Case Studies


Our Bespoke Acoustic Interiors provides you with the tools to work alongside our design team. They help to focus on blending the artistic and creative arrangements of both the design of sound absorption and the science of sound with how it behaves in different reflective, open-plan spaces. We bring these together to then combine them with current or proposed interior design ideas, and help to create 'acoustic sculptures' that help to blend or break the space. We provide a full service alongside our findings from any Sound Tests measuring the reverberation time, any Acoustic Design requirements or targets, and the use of creative approaches to workplaces, residential or other environments that need to control the sound as best as possible.


Your ideas and inspiration are what drives our Note™ range, so no matter how grand the idea or small, we will work with you in turning this into a live installation.


sound absorption services

Site Visit

Site Visits are a collection of different services as one. The essential nature of combining audio and visuals when it comes to sound absorption is very important, so when we carry these out it is with our Design Team and consultants. This will depend on the nature of the project, but we always supply an element of visual design on site. Our Acoustic Consultants are available for Sound Tests to carry out Reverberation Tests when we are wanting to meet needed guidelines or reach a certain acoustic design target.


  • A design-focused team and consultant will often attend site to discuss potential options.
  • An acoustic test may be carried out depending on the nature of the project.
  • To discuss with you the nature of the room, and the practicality of installing the different options in our Note range.
  • To take images of the room for colour-partnering to help with scheming various options for the visual element



Now it's the numbers part. If we have not conducted a Sound Test and a 'modelling' of the room is carried out instead, we will look at either one of these options and review what is required in your space. Depending on the activities, some will often need a whole array of different sound absorption in place, and some projects just need to manage the balance of energy in a room, as a completely 'acoustically dead' space can be disorientating, unnatural and dampen the energy of the room. We will report to you the amount of sound absorption material you will need to introduce to the space and the balance between walls and ceilings to meet your needs.


Design Service

This is our favourite part; putting all this together to create and help visualise the ideas into space. If your project is focused on the design just as much as the acoustics, then we look to carry out 'Visualisations' of the materials in your environment. We look for colour matching from furniture to fixtures and fittings, drawing in the differing influences of the room's colour scheme to present options that harmonise or break the flow for those looking to pursue against the grain. We use the latest design technology to provide to best visualisations, and we are able to produce multiple options for you to choose from.




The materials provided are durable, but they are yet fragile at the same time. To be assured that everything lines up to clinical precision and finding the right fixing methods will need a team of excellent knowledge. We provide Installation alongside our fit-outs and will provide our designer on-site if needed to bring complicated designs together so that everybody is working collaboratively on your space, Creating Quieter Spaces Together.



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