5 Tips to Peace and Quiet Whilst Working at Home

We know how distracting noise can be when you are trying to concentrate, especially if you have other "homely distractions" right now. We thought it might be helpful to suggest some zero (or low) cost ways to help reduce distracting noise and help you keep focused.



1. Close your windows

By closing your windows you can reduce any exterior noise sources distracting you from your work.


2. Put on some background music

Having background noise can often help mask other sources of sound. This could be done with music, radio, podcasts or even a fan.


3. Close the doors between rooms

Shutting the doors between rooms creates a physical barrier between you and the noise, this is especially useful if you are on a call.


4. Wear ear plugs or headphones

We would recommend this if you really need to focus on a piece of work, especially if there are other people in the house.


5. Take a break and go for a walk

Occasionally a change of scenery or a break from the work you are doing is what you need to find that focus again.


If these tips and tricks don't work give us a call and we can recommend a more substanial acoustic solution to your acoustic issues.