On The Case - A Working Relationship With iKoustic

‘Creating Quieter Spaces Together’ – this is our mission statement at iKoustic, and we aim to provide a one stop solution for any acoustic requirements across Residential, Commercial and Industrial alongside Architects, Acoustic Consultant and Specifiers for large projects.


What does a one-stop solution include with iKoustic?

  • Noise Impact Assessment for ‘Guidance on Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction for Buildings ‘BS 8233:2014 (Acoustic Testing)
  • Part E Building Regulations for the Passage of Sound both Pre and Post installation (Acoustic Testing)
  • Specification and Design (with selected products and modelling estimation)
  • On-site visits to discuss options
  • Product selection
  • Order processing and delivery
  • Highly competitive prices and discounts
  • Assistance provided throughout the project for all acoustic requirements

What are the flight cases?

As a way of showcasing our Soundproofing range for sound transmission between spaces, we have created an easy-to-carry, expansive collection of our products – these include


MuteClip® System CutawayMuteMat® 2MuteMat® 3
MuteBarrier™ 5kg per m2MuteBarrier™ 10kg per m2Tecsound SY70
Tecsound S50 ALUMuteWrapIsolation Strip
Carpet Gripper StripMuteMat® USP 600-17MuteMat® USP 750-10
MuteMat® USP 750-08MuteMat® USF 650-03MuteMat® OSF 750-03
MuteMat® OSF 750-10MuteMat® OSF 750-05 



These products cover everything from walls, ceilings and floors (both underscreed and overscreed) so that we can provide you with a solid range to discuss with clients, making the process of development a smoother operation – we are at the end of the phone to answer any questions you have.


Our dedication to providing you with all you need for sound proofing

We would like to briefly show you how we put together our iKoustic Travel Case, and why we chose to display our products in this way.

We are asked regularly on our MuteClip® System and whether it is possible to see this visually, of course-  it is not possible to bring a wall showing this, so we scaled it right down to a suitable pack size which is designed to show all elements and how they are assembled.

To accommodate this, we had assembled a range of prototypes to fit our range in – which did include some very hands on work.

We then used a sample of each product to slot into the casing with an informative feature slip on each product giving you a range of relevant properties that may be required within the project.


STAGE 1 Prototype



STAGE 2 Completed Product