A Heavyweight Review on MuteBloc™


When we were looking to introduce a new Gym Floor Soundproofing product designed for weightlifters both casual or Olympic – we wanted to have a full review on their thoughts. Jack Dobson talks to iKoustic below on our new - MuteBloc™



You can find out more information on our blog post - Raising The Bar - MuteBloc


“My name is Jack I am 24 and from Harrogate, I work full time and I participate in Olympic weightlifting.

I’ve been in everything from regional to national competitions, I just got bored of benching and bicep curls. In Olympic weightlifting it is all about flexibility, speed and power as well as strength, so it’s got a lot more aspects to look at rather than just strength.

Olympic weightlifting is snatch, clean and jerk so bringing the bar from the floor over your head. I have my own club at Harrogate cross-fit called Spa Weightlifting. I really enjoy it, it’s always really good to see when they PB (personal best) and max out when they’ve been putting so much effort into it.”

What makes a good gym?

“If I was to say the difference between a good gym and a bad gym, a good gym for me would be something where I could carry out all my movements, but it is very limited to the gyms that would have the right equipment there where I could pick a bar above my head and drop it on the floor… and maybe do a bit of cardio.

I think people associate dropping weights with a bad thing, when sometimes it is necessary or safer to drop the weights, you know, if you are doing heavy shoulder pressing and you are not sure whether you are going to make the rep because you are going to drop it, you are always conscious it’s going to drop and hit the floor.”


Where do you aspire to get to?

“Just compete internationally, I’d really like to go to the commonwealth games in Birmingham that’s coming up, I know it’s not Gold Coast which we just had... That’s my target at the minute, just international, as soon as I can get international I’d be happy, but it’s not something that just stops, you can always reach for more, you can always strive for more – it’s just a case of keeping going. I don’t think there will ever be a point where I reach where I think, ‘oh that’s a point where I am happy’. I just think it will be a time where I either get really injured or life just takes over. I’d say my most recent goal was to go international and represent Great Britain or England. “


How did you find training with MuteBloc™?

“I am surprised. I really enjoyed them and was very surprised at how stable they were and how genuinely good it was for block stuff, there wasn’t any noise, or as much noise as there would be if you were dropping it on the floor. If the gym supplied them and they stipulated that you couldn’t drop the weights, they are not exactly heavy to move from one place to another. Obviously, the different sizes in heights and the fact that you must put something on the floor to make them at the same height, that makes it a bit difficult to do, but apart form that, that’s it.

To drop weights on them, they sat nice and comfy on the platform where the weights are. So, it’s easy enough to set in the same position every time, you pull them, it feels comfortable, you drop it, and doesn’t bounce off too much. Where as if you have a solid plate to drop them on, they bounce all over the place. It absorbs the force of the weights well. I like the size of it, there is a lot of space to go on it, and the weights are not hanging over the end, I think they are a great addition, personally I would use them if I had block stuff, like pull from blocks – I think they are good. I like the blue more than the black, the black is just too basic”