iKoustic | Zabludowicz Collection: Anechoic Chamber Making Of

"An Anechoic Chamber is most often designed to create a desirable testing space for such examples as; Response of Loudspeakers and Microphones, Loudness of General Electronic Equipment or Simulating Spatial Acoustics for Concert Halls in the design process, it is also used as a training facility for Astronauts in NASA – “Astronauts do part of their training in anechoic chambers at NASA, so they can learn to cope with the silence of space.” https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2012/may/18/experience-quietest-place-on-earth"

Our full case study is available below;


You can watch how it is all assembled with the team at the Zabludowicz Collection for Haroon Mirza's new exhibition; Chamber for Endogenous DMT (Collapsing the Wave Function).