Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #10 What NOT to do this Christmas

Christmas is loud. Crackers that bang, carollers that sing and music that jingles. The children will be giddy, the adults will be merry and there will be scrunched up wrapping paper everywhere. iKoustic Sound Proofing from Wetherby are swooping in to rescue you from what could be a very noisy day indeed...


"If your ideal Christmas Day involves the calm serenity of silence than you're in the right place... or are you?

iKoustic Sound Proofing supplies homes, restaurants, schools, workplaces and more with sound solutions not only in the Stray FM area but nationally too, so the team knows a thing or two about making environments quieter. This can improve productivity in the office, help school children learn more easily and finally cut out that racket from your neighbours. 

Today though we're focusing on what may well be the noisiest day of the entire year... Christmas Day. 

Lady at Christmas party at Ikoustic

Here are two lists. One very silly and very festive which could have come directly from Scrooge himself, and another one incredibly functional, very effective and exactly what you want to read if you've got a noise issue on any other day of the year. 

How to make your Christmas Day as quiet as possible...


  • Remove the snap from crackers. 
  • Avoid facial creaking with botox. 
  • Smile, but do NOT laugh. NEVER tell a Christmas joke. 
  • Don't wrap presents.
  • Make sure the turkey is dead before you put it in the oven. 
  • Mouth the words to carols, don't actually sing out loud. 
  • Replace your Yule log with a Yule twig. 
  • Wrap your pigs in duvets, not just blankets. 
  • If you must play a game, play Ssssshhhhharades. 
  • Say thank you to gift givers with a pre-determind nod rather than vocally. 
  • Don't eat stuffing or sprouts. 
  • In fact, sometimes it's a good idea to not get out of bed at all. 

Wishing you all a very merry, but less raucous, noise-free, silent Christmas...

Seriously though, iKoustic Sound Proofing in Wetherby want to say Happy Christmas and whole heartedly hope you don't take any of these to heart... be noisy, be loud and be merry! 

And for every other day of the year, here are some very effective tips which will reduce and absorb unwanted noise. 

How to make your home as quiet as possible...


  • Wear slippers. Finally you can put an end to that clack-clack-clack of footsteps on your hard floors. 
  • Put felt pads on the feet of your chairs. Particularly important for apartments. 
  • Don't hang TVs on walls adjoining neighbours. If you must, use rubber mats like these from Ikoustic. 
  • Use draft excluders on doors to stop sound travelling from one room to another. 
  • Always keep windows and doors closed. Sounds simple, but can easily be forgotten. 
  • Fill empty cupboards, ideally with items such as cushions, pillows and duvets. 
  • Avoid putting subwoofers near neighbour adjoining walls... or just turn them off altogether.
  • Consider using professional sound proofing or apsorption systems which can fitted in to any space. 

The team at iKoustic Sound Proofing have all sorts of solutions to your noise pollution and would welcome conversations with anyone looking to enjoy some quieter surroundings in the year ahead."