Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #3 How Much Do You Know About Your Neighbours?

You might be good friends with your neighbors, but how much do you really want to know? Do you want to hear every time they put the TV on, every conversation they have, or every step on the stairs? Living in close proximity to your neighbors can sometimes result in hearing a little too much of each others lives - but how much is too much?

Ikoustic Sound Proofing regularly meet people who have simply had enough and have got two choices - move house or get sound proofing. Paul and Hannah live in a 1950s semi-detached house, and opted for the sound proofing options. You can see the transformation of one of the rooms that underwent sound treatment in the photo gallery. The wall below shows how the cutting edge technology of a Genie Clip works on a wall significantly reducing the amount of sound that comes through from one side to another - in fact, Ikoustic is one of only two suppliers of this technique in the UK.