Our Sound Absorption Range on Global Green Tag

Global Green Tag is a global brand that helps give certification on products that are considered as health, eco-friendly in the construction world.

iKoustic strive to make sure our products are kept up to date with the fast paced industry of Acoustics, so to have Green Tag as part of our Sound Absorption Range, this means that implementing our products contributes to a greener build.

"Greenwash has ruled in the eco market. Any brand can claim to be an environmental saviour with a few ‘natural’ ingredients and some sharp marketing. Buyers don’t know who to trust. Fake products in green packaging take sales away from genuinely deserving brands. The planet continues to be exploited in the name of inauthentic green design. Everyone suffers."

About - http://www.globalgreentag.com/about-greentag/



global green tag sound absorption entry


sound absorption     sound absorption desk

sound absorption meeting room     sound absorption seating


With Sound Absorption, you are looking to improve the internal acoustics to make a particular space more habitable in most situations, without the long-tail reverberation. Other projects may be more specialist, such as Recording Studios or Anechoic Chambers.

Our products above are just a taster of what we can provide, and our stock products can be amended to your ideas with our Design Team.