Product Feature: Tecsound SY

iKoustic sit down to talk about Tecsound SY and all of it's benefits in which we use for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings.

Review: Making Of

In our review of Tecsound we wanted to put together an accessible, interactive video to capture the ethos of iKoustic, our brand values and our extensive knowledge on the Tecsound range.

In the preparation for the video - 5 open-ended, basic questions were asked to the team to explain who they are at iKoustic and the unique properties and types of application for Tecsound in the marketplace. Our aim for this was to show our customers and future customers that at iKoustic we are a viable and reliable business that you can trust.

We value the opinions of our employees and encourage a strong understanding about all materials and their properties – allowing us to discuss your project requirements in detail.

When answering questions on Tecsound, there are similar phrases used to help back-up its uniqueness such as; Visco-Elastic and Vibration Dampening and it’s these additional properties that put it above similar acoustic sheeting available on the market.

We wanted to have a short, snappy video to give customers considering Tecsound a good feel for the product and its potential without going into too much detail.