Raising The Bar - MuteBloc™

iKoustic introduces our brand new, long lasting, high durability, customisable and portable - MuteBloc™ to all Gyms, for those in noise sensitive areas that require  Gym Soundproofing, or for better quality internal Gym Acoustics to reduce potential hearing loss through sustained loud noises and personal trainers having to raise their voices causing potential vocal damage over long periods of time.



Each MuteBloc™ is carefully designed and assembled using high quality materials to withstand it's use in Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting, cross-fit, free weights and deadlifts, perfect for our ever expanding urban population which demands more localised urban and boutique gyms, this puts most locations in very close proximity to residential and commercial buildings which are of course, noise sensitive and stringent acoustic performance results are expected.

"With 24-hour gym access now vital due to today’s busy lifestyles, complaints associated with noise from gyms are on the rise – particularly in relation to treadmill pounding, free weights and resistance machines, and other high-impact activities such as dance classes."



How MuteBloc™ Performs

We have recently conducted a series of comparison tests alongside our own products to measure suitability with it's intended weightlifting usage for dead-lifts.


Tests were carried out as follows;

  • Each product was tested in 3 same-room locations and weights dropped 4 times in each placement for robustness, leaving 12 tests per product
  • Comparison between a 50kg Kettlebell at 30cm and a 32kg Kettlebell at 1m
  • A survey on site indicated that the floor construction was consistent except a soil-pipe penetration within the slab and concrete columns but found there to be no influence from this


Structure Borne Noise31.5(Hz)63(Hz)125(Hz)250(Hz)500(Hz)1000(Hz)2000(Hz)4000(Hz)8000(Hz)
Leading Brand 1 50kg @ 30cm53.744.933.327.320.118.311.98.67.3
Leading Brand 2 50kg @ 30cm53.544.730.328.419.516.
Leading Brand 3 @ 30cm52.639.130.425.319.
Leading Brand 4 32kg @ 1m50.951.045.237.329.824.815.510.39.1
Leading Brand 1 32kg @ 1m49.944.333.425.426.425.
NR15 Curve65.


So, what does this mean?

MuteBloc™ was tested alongside NR15 (Noise Rating Curve) which is commonly used when looking to measure acceptable indoor noise enivonrments, within this case - potential impact the Gym may have on a residential or commercial property.


MuteBloc™ resulted as Inaudible/Undetectable, which would be below or within expected background noise levels, it is important to note the following...


The NR Curve is too stringent at mid and higher frequencies and could well be lower than background noise levels in habitable spaces, thus any variation above 500hz are not considered an issue. The NR Curve is most commonly used to measure potential issues with mechanical noises associated with continuous noise sources which is different in acoustical characteristics to a blunt drop, but allows a good base point to measure low frequency noise transfer.

This is the most suited criterion for the condition of 'Inaudible / Virtually Inaudible', which is applicable to residential developments that are connected to gyms.


Is there anything else for Gyms?

We have provided a previous blog entry on other considerations in acoustic gym design and looking at other areas such as cardio, excercise classes, sport specific training and resistance training.

You can find this below:

Adding Weight To Acoustic Gym Designs

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