What is Soundproofing?

Have you ever been a victim of unwanted noise? Or indeed, have you inflicted this on others? If so, you will be aware of how irritating unwanted sound can be. Many people simply try to ignore these unwanted sounds, such as noisy neighbours or loud music, and hope that it will eventually cease. However, there is an alternative. Soundproofing may be the answer to your noise problems.

What is sound?

In order to understand how soundproofing works, it is imperative that you have an understanding of how sound is created in the first instance.

Sound is created by invisible waves which move through gases, liquids and solids. The ability of sound to pass through solids is one of the main reasons why noise can become an issue.

There are two types of noise – airborne and impact. As its name suggests, airborne noise is carried in the air. Examples of this include loud music, voices and a ringing telephone. Airborne noise can go through any substance.

Impact noise, again as the name suggests, comes as a result of two solids knocking each other. For example, someone walking on the pavement, a hammer hitting a nail or a car door closing. The impact of the two materials colliding sends vibrations down the solids which manifest themselves as a sound.

If sound has the ability to pass through solids then, you may be asking how we can ever prevent noise from happening. Soundproofing is the answer!


The process of soundproofing aims to reduce or remove any unwanted noise from your house, pub, office and general vicinity. There are many different ways of creating a soundproofed room or building, it is just a matter of assessing the amount of sound you wish to block out and soundproofing appropriately.

It is obvious that if the noise you are experiencing is equivalent to the sound of leaves rustling you will need significantly less sound proofing than if you were living next to a noisy factory or rock concert venue.

It is also important to consider the impact that your noise may have on others. If you own a music studio producing the newest heavy metal bands then soundproofing will be appropriate and necessary to keep your neighbours happy!

The type of soundproofing you will require depends on the type of noise you are trying to dispel – whether it is impact or airborne as discussed above. Quieter noise can be combatted by the use of sound absorbers, whilst the more penetrating impact noise may need more drastic measures in order to combat it, such as creating a room within a room using stud walls. Of course, it is not only walls that can be soundproofed, floors and ceilings also benefit from this process.

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