Rugby Borough Council contacted iKoustic to discuss improving acoustic performance for a specific property in a range of noise sensitive areas. Sound travels bi-directionally - so improving the soundproofing on one side will increase acoustic performance across both properties. The property requiring treatment were next door to a family who cared for an Autistic child, in which noise both ways were an issue for different reasons (http://www.autism.org.uk/sensory). With new tenants moving in shortly, it was important to make sure noise issues between properties were addressed quickly with minimal impact to the family and their child.



iKoustic carried out a site visit to highlight some of the more immediate areas for treatment as well as any weak points in which could affect performance that is often looked over. These areas can be shown below where vibration and noise transference can also be passed through flue piping and plumbing. The condition of the structure varies from room to room but was generally in good condition including any chimney stacks blocked off.

We discovered that sound transferred through all main party walls adjoined with the property so we needed to implement a robust wall soundproofing system to use through each area to make sure the reduction of noise was at its highest. In addition, flanking was an issue in the floor voids between joists.


wall soundproofing for rugby borough councilwall soundproofing for rugby borough councilwall soundproofing for rugby borough council


After reviewing the severity of the noise issue as well as the space available, we implemented an Isolation Clip and Channel System in all separating walls as well as cladding the chimney breast. This is one of our most popular and robust wall soundproofing systems to significantly reduce airborne noise through a partition wall which has minimal direct contact, and is installed with no butting to adjacent surfaces.

In the flooring voids we specified use of Acoustic Mineral Wool (Rockwool 60kg per m3) to reduce sound transference through these spaces, this helps to increase the level of absorptive materials within the cavity to reduce resonance in this area due to it's hollow space.

With pipework ducting, we used Tecsound SY70, Rockwool 60kg per m3 and Acoustic Plasterboard to box those areas in to reduce any noise transference which can affect performance

Pre and Post Installation

Our conversation with Rugby Borough Council was based on how we can both carry out the project cost effectively in which we focused on the Installation of the system only, the work carried out prior to reduce costs involved to Rugby Borough Council involved.

  • Removing all existing plaster from existing walls

  • Removing existing flooring and replacing, leaving us access in the adjacent boarding to treat with Acoustic Mineral Wool between joists

  • Extending all electrics and plumbing

  • Waste Removal

  • Skim and Plastering


genieclip installation for wall soundproofing


acoustic mineral wall installation for wall soundproofing


tecsound installation for wall soundproofing


acoustic plasterboard installation for wall soundproofing