Making Waves

Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #1 What is Sound?

Posted: Mar 29, 2017

What would life be like without sound? How do we react to sound? What’s its impact on our life?

Ikoustic consider these questions, plus provide some basic science around wavelength and frequency.

Number two of the series is about Health and Sound that will be released shortly.

Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #2 Headphones Are Destroying Your Hearing

Posted: Jul 27, 2017

Sound can hugely benefit your health. To start with it's a safety mechanism - think about how what you hear affects your reactions - you can hear a car before it passes you, so you don't step in to the road, or if there's a sudden loud bang you jump and try to see where it came from.

Medical science also often uses sound. During pregnancy ultrasound is used to monitor how a baby's developing, and a treatment called lithotripsy breaks up kidney stones. Alternative healing therapies also often uses sound to soothe and calm.

Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #7 Shut Up!

Posted: Sep 26, 2017

Open plan offices are becoming more and more popoular as collaborative freelance work and large frequencies of people are used within the same room - this can be problematic in understanding each other and missing important information as well as at the same time, being disrupted by conversation between people can be a cause for decreased concentration.

These can be designed with a lot of reflective surfaces and poor treatment between rooms with low end suspended ceiling systems for example, there are multiple ways in which you can soundproof an office.

Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #8 Design vs Practicality

Posted: Oct 19, 2017

Being constantly subjected to unwanted, loud or distracting noise can affect your health not only physically, but also psychologically. It's a fact that just 15 minutes of maximum volume headphone use will cause the start of hearing loss, but mental health, productivity and happiness can be affected when your sound environment isn't a healthy one. 

Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #9 Top 5 Most Loved / Hated Sounds

Posted: Dec 05, 2017

What do you think the most hated sounds are? And what are the most loved sounds? iKoustic Soundproofing got hold of the list and there are some surprises on there. 

Sound is all around you every single day. In fact, unless you're in space or a vacuum silence isn't actually possible. So it's pretty important to enjoy (or at least  not hate!) what you're listening to. 

Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #10 What NOT to do this Christmas

Posted: Dec 20, 2017

Christmas is loud. Crackers that bang, carollers that sing and music that jingles. The children will be giddy, the adults will be merry and there will be scrunched up wrapping paper everywhere. iKoustic Sound Proofing from Wetherby are swooping in to rescue you from what could be a very noisy day indeed...


"If your ideal Christmas Day involves the calm serenity of silence than you're in the right place... or are you?