Sound Absorption

Product Feature: 3D Note™ Adagio

Posted: Oct 20, 2017

With recent trends of modernist décor in open plan offices, restaurants and bars are that they often feature reflective surfaces, resulting in very poor acoustic environments consisting of high levels of reverberation which can contribute to a negative experience with your brand.

Speech is one of the more common noise issues, as people become more engaged in conversation in a busier space they increase the loudness of their voice to be heard above others and this continues to raise - this is known as the Lombard Effect.

Product Feature: Popped Note™

Posted: Dec 13, 2017

Internal acoustics have become an issue in recent times due to the materials used in modern internal décor and iKoustic have a new product in our range to improve this by increasing the amount of absorptive material - reducing the Reverberation Time.

Popped Note™ comes in a range of stock sizes and bespoke sizes if you require and in 11 different colours. Not only do they look beautiful, but each comes with a wonderfully engineered stand-off bolt to improve acoustic performance.

Adding Acoustic Weight to Gym Designs

Posted: Jan 22, 2018

Its that time of the year again where New Year resolutions lead to fitness commitments and Gym memberships soar!

AND to cater for this massive surge of enthusiasm there has been an exponential explosion of Gyms across the UK.

These new Gyms are often in Mixed Use Developments such as in hotels, shopping centres, industrial units, above shops, more accessible and open for increasingly longer hours. Sounds like heaven? Well not if you live next door to a badly designed one.

Our Sound Absorption Range on Global Green Tag

Posted: Feb 14, 2018

Global Green Tag is a global brand that helps give certification on products that are considered as health, eco-friendly in the construction world.

iKoustic strive to make sure our products are kept up to date with the fast paced industry of Acoustics, so to have Green Tag as part of our Sound Absorption Range, this means that implementing our products contributes to a greener build.

The Adverse Effects of Noise in a Working Environment: Office Soundproofing Solutions for an Effective Team

Posted: Apr 11, 2019

Workspaces are year on year working to provide an overall positive atmosphere for their employees, and much has improved from the 1980s cubicle desk environment where the single image of a watering can pot sitting mounted on a wall, dwarfed by its beige surroundings in the middle distance over a sea of grey cubicle desk dividers towering over. Your manager also shielded away from everybody else in the isolated plasterboard cabin with only a name tag on their door to remind yourself that they exist.