Soundproofing products act as a barrier to decrease sound leaving or entering a room or workspace. Sound absorbers absorb the sound within a room and assist to reduce room reverberation etc. Absorbers do not prevent the sound leaving the space but will reduce it. If you are wanting to soundproof a room you would have to buy soundproofing products. It may also be worthwhile to think about some absorbers inside the room to help reduce the sound before it hits the soundproofing.

A sound barrier is a sound blocker and usually includes insulation with a high mass, which then reduces the amount of sound that can pass through it. A standard domestic door is a good example of a noise barrier when it is closed as it reduces the sound of external noise. Sound waves flow like water and air so it is impracticable to use a sound barrier such as a fence or screen to stop noise but they are effective when used to reduce noise immediately on the other side of them. From distances farther away the noise reduction will be less efficient.

There is no easy answer to this question. You would need to speak to one of our iKoustic team and they will help you with your noise problem. Our team will be able to calculate the amount of sound absorption material required and the expected reduction in noise levels you expect in reducing the intruding noise pollutions.

Yes, we have installation information that we can provide for our products and our iKoustic Advisors are able to assist over the telephone during office hours on 01937 588226 or 01937 588122.

If you are a DIY enthusiast then you should be fine installing most of our products. If you do not have installation instructions they can be downloaded from our website. If you are in any doubt about your ability to install a system you have seen on this website, please call our team to discuss BEFORE you order.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. First of all, you should establish whether it is noise insulation or sound absorption that is really needed. Sound insulation is frequently asked for in order to keep out unwelcome noise, but is occasionally requested for reducing annoyance to others.
The approach to noise insulation will be dependent on the situation; ‘one size fits all’ type solutions are perhaps insufficient and may not work. Everyones situation usually differs and it is also dependent on the type of building where the problem is. For successful noise insulation improvement on any project iKoustic recommend sound advice based on the substantial amount of acoustics experience we have gained over the years. We also know it’s best for us to talk to you at an early stage of any renovation or project to ensure you are confident and happy.
Below are some general guidelines:

  • When the noise is from an external source such as road traffic noise it may be likely, if planning authorities permit, to install a noise barrier. This can be efficient as long as the direct line of sight between traffic and house is concealed by the barrier.
  • Windows can be a weak point for sound transmission to and from a building. Double glazing is most commonly used for enhanced protection than single glazing. But in areas of high external noise it might be advisable to have double windows with a large air gap (25 to 100 mm) and acoustic absorbent material on the perimeter reveal around that gap. 
    The fitting of new windows may decrease the level of air ventilation, and it will be essential to compensate for this, if needed by improving the noise insulation of specific party walls.
  • Noise through party walls can be decreased by adding a false wall. This is built from a layer of sound insulating material, usually plasterboard, separated from the party wall by a large void enclosed with acoustic quilting. The false wall cannot not be connected to the party wall, because that would allow the noise to travel.

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