At iKoustic we aspire to source, develop and supply the best soundproofing materials available and combine their unique properties across a range of effective and cost-conscious acoustic systems that are suitable for almost any application that can include first time homeowners looking to improve the soundproofing quality of their home, or an architect specifying for a project, and whether the project is expansive or personal, or a new or existing build - we have the right system in our MuteRange to suit you.

With an increasing amount of structures being built to accommodate the rapid increase of urban living and the resulting decrease in the premium space available in our cities, we need to become better prepared and more accustomed to seeing them built to incorporate all types of commercial and residential variances; with developers looking to include gyms, shops and even bars all under one roof these present challenges that can often become rather complex, especially maintaining the stringent regulations to protect tenants against potentially damaging noise issues and stress has become a widely researched area in correlation to how increased exposure to sound can affect us, so the importance of specifying the right product and system is paramount.

Each product in our MuteRange has been subjected to stringent testing and varying forms of research and development so we can be assured of their given physical properties such as their weights, structural integrity and product to product consistency and in addition and of most importance here, their acoustic properties. We want to share with you our core values of Clarity, Honesty and Transparency every step of the way, so you know can always expect a highly focused level of consistency - with advice and results you can trust.



Are you an Architect, Acoustic Consultant or Specifier looking to supply or find out more about incorporating our MuteRange in to your acoustic designs?


We can work with you to specify and provide the best of our range to suit your requirements from project to project. We can supply acoustic modelling on upcoming projects, sound testing and existing test results so that you are able to engage the project at any stage with our MuteRange. With on-going projects with iKoustic, we can supply continuously competitive rates from project to project, so contact us today to find out more or, to get specifying.




MuteClip® is our highly effective and optimally designed sound isolation clip that consists of a dual-density rubber composition housed within a galvanised metal clip to ensure stability, durability and effectiveness, with an added focus on the individual response to frequencies in each density of rubber. The fully compatible MuteClip® Channel is completed with a return that helps to support the additional weight. MuteClip® comes in four options, our standard MuteClip® is used for both ceilings and walls and can be affixed to joists, stud framing, brick and block. MuteClip® LP which is our low profile option that is affixed to the side of ceiling joists to reduce the loss of room height, and MuteClip® XP is our extended profile used for varying heights that are often found in joists as well as assisting to level two adjoining rooms with that present different heights without resulting to additional structuring or ad-hoc installation techniques, all are easy to install and provide optimal acoustic performance.


MuteClip® MP is our multi-purpose sound isolation clip that offers greater coverage across projects that want to further de-couple structural elements from one another. Stud frames, often used in room-within-a-room constructions will meet up at the corners and have to undergo a vast amount of direct fixing. MuteClip® MP helps to reduce these points of contact, a crucial property of gaining the best soundproofing possible. Wire suspended ceilings are also commonplace in areas that need to run a vast amount of services above them, and the cavity needs to be large enough to do so. MuteClip® MP, again, is perfect for those wire suspended ceilings, simply affix each clip into the concrete or wooden joist and thread the wiring though. These are compatible with a great variety of Metal Frame Ceilings, in where we also have products like Tecsound that can be included in the Acoustic Plasterboard layers for best performance.


MuteClip® is installed as a complete acoustic system for best benefit, and you can find a range of possible applications on our Systems page, you can also find out more by contacting us.


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MuteMat® OSF 750


MuteMat® OSF 750 is our series of highly recycled, dense rubber matting underlays, or 'over screeds' tailored for the reduction of impact noise in concrete constructions. Each product has been tested for both their acoustic and physical properties, so you can be assured of its reliability, durability and performance. Every variation can receive almost any floor covering applied direct without the use of an overlay board which saves additional cost and time in the installation phase. MuteMat® OSF 750 is available in thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm to provide you with a range that can suit your flooring requirements for adhering to Part E Building Regulations or other specific requirements such as height or other acoustic requirements. These can all be specified in projects in the planning phase, or a submission to Planning Permission, immediately after construction or as a retrofit to improve an already existing build.


MuteMat® OSF 750 is installed as a complete acoustic system for best benefit, and you can find a range of possible applications on our Systems page, you can also find out more by contacting us.


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MuteMat® is our versatile, reliable, and high performing floor soundproofing range for securing significant improvements in both airborne and impact noise. MuteMat® is made up from a Crosslinked PE foam due to its consistency in molecular structure - its chip foam counterparts are often inconsistent and can become highly compressible leading to poor acoustic performance against impact noise. For the reduction of airborne noise, we have opted the use of Mass Loaded Vinyl for its hardwearing and acoustic properties, and with our two options these are either a single or double-ply of Mass Loaded Vinyl, these are MuteMat® 2 or MuteMat® 3,  each has its own unique applications depending on your requirements.


MuteMat® is installed as a complete acoustic system for best benefit, and you can find a range of possible applications on our Systems page, you can find out more by contacting us.


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MuteMat® USF/P

MuteMat® USF/P is our robust and reliable set of products designed for applying during the screeding process. Each product is laid direct to the structural concrete slab and the screeding is poured over the top, leaving a floating screed that has limited contact with the structure. Concrete yields usually above average results for airborne noise issues, but is usually insufficient for impact noise due to its density and the resulting ability to carry sound further, thus requiring an acoustic under screed to reduce the effect of impact transmission. MuteMat® USF is our flat under screed used more commonly in residential builds where impact noise is usually limited to foot traffic and does not require a robust solution as such. Our MuteMat® USP is our pimpled under screed which can be used with a range of impact noises especially in industrial applications where low-frequency control and excessive impact noise are often expected, MuteMat® USP comes in three variances which range in performance, cost and thickness; MuteMat® USP 750-08, MuteMat® USP 750-10 and MuteMat® USP 750-17, each final number represents the total thickness in millimetres.


MuteMat® is installed as a complete acoustic system for the best benefit, and you can find a range of possible applications on our Systems page. if you need more information you can find out more by contacting us directly.



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MuteCradle™ is designed for a whole range of applications for its use in concrete soundproofing projects that require the ultimate flexibility in levelling floor heights without the need for a screed layer or additional construction work, as well as seeking a high acoustic performance for impact noise. Where room heights differ, MuteCradle™ can be installed in their variable heights which come in 16/30mm to 45/60mm along with individual packers to incrementally increase heights to suit your new flooring, this method also allows additional servicing to be installed under the new floor. Each MuteCradle™ is fitted with a dense acoustic resilient underlay, so you are vastly improving impact reduction whilst allowing a sizable air gap for additional acoustic treatment.


MuteCradle™ is installed as a complete acoustic system for the best benefit, and you can find a range of possible applications on our Systems page, you can find out more by contacting us.


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MuteBoard® is our hand-laminated, slim-line wall soundproofing solution that is available in three options as upgrades: MuteBoard® 2, MuteBoard® 3 and MuteBoard® 4, each scaled on their effectiveness at reducing lower noise levels to slightly raised noise levels and are simple to install on both stud framework and direct to brick and block builds. For those with a little more space to give, effectiveness can be improved by applying each MuteBoard® to a separated stud frame or combine with other materials such as Tecsound to improve airborne performance. Each face of the MuteBoard® is ready for a skim and plaster finish, so there is no additional preparation work required.


MuteBoard® is installed as a complete acoustic system for the best benefit, and you can find a range of possible applications on our Systems page, you can find out more by contacting us.


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MuteMat® Gym is our broad range of Gym and Fitness centre soundproofing materials, built to be incredibly durable and effective at reducing low-frequency impact noise issues and structural vibration. Each of our MuteMat® Gym modular tiles is Compression Moulded with technology that maintains quality and finishes, standing up against even the most significant weight drops. With the generation of a range of vibration issues from the operation of treadmills, spin-cycles and weight-stacks - MuteMat® Gym covers all of them, and when acoustic insulation values are required in high numbers, or incredibly noise sensitive areas are adjacent and need to be considered, the use of MuteMat® USP 625-17 helps to build a 3 ply composite to withstand incredible impact noises and heightened vibration control.


Depending on your acoustic requirements set forth in Noise Impact Assessments or General Impact Tests, these can be installed as a standalone product or as a Systems, you can find out more by contacting us.


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MuteStop™ is a market first for soundproofing weight-stack machines in that it can be retrofit directly to the guide-pole of weights, easily taken off and placed under a new selection or weight - no need to dismantle the machine. They come in three different densities, and each combination has a particular weight band in mind to make sure there is a suited compressibility to maximise their reduction of impact.


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MuteBloc ™


MuteBloc™ is our purpose-designed, acoustic weight drop pad for significant reduction of impact noise from weight-bars and kettle-weights - it is highly durable even under the most significant of weights, including training under Olympic weight-lifting. It results in concrete constructions offer almost complete muting of weight drops, but it is always sensible to carry out an acoustic test where possible to determine the potential noise issues that could stem from the dropping of weights.


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