Acoustic and Intumescent Sealant 900ml

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Acoustic and Intumescent Sealant is used for creating an air-tight surface acoustically where gaps are evident

Acoustic Sealant 900 ml Tube Acoustic Sealant is a high strength, permanently flexible white acoustic sealant and adhesive specifically formulated for sealing and bonding plasterboard It is ideal for sealing the edges of plasterboard systems and filling and sealing any holes where services have been installed, thereby reducing the leakage of noise

Acoustic and Intumescent Sealant 900m Information

  • 900ml tubes (requires 900ml applicator gun)
  • Non-flammable 
  • Covers approximately 32 linear meters with a 5mm thick bead
  • Please allow approximately 24 hours curing time before decorating over (4-5 days in a damp environment) 
EAN number5060484200384
Weight1.6 kg
Length293 mm
Width62 mm
Height62 mm
Fire ratingBS476 Parts 20 / BS EN1366 - 4:2006 + A1:2010 / BS EN ISO 11925-2

With large projects and the amount of gaps that often require sealing, a 300ml requires a very frequent changeover which can cost time. With the use of an Acoustic and Intumescent it helps with smoke prevention in the case of a fire by expanding with the heat and remains viscous and flexible under the correct temperature range as hardening will cause vibration to transfer in to the adjacent surfaces.

At first you will want to cut the nozzle to a pea size opening  for an approximate 5mm bead application and puncture the tin lid on the inside with a screwdriver or other device long enough, forgetting to do so could cause the adhesive to come from the other end when pressure is applied to the applicator gun.

When dried the sealant will remain a white colour, the sealant can be sanded down and painted over during decoration.