Socket Box Inserts Single 47mm

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  • Dimensions: 90mm x 100mm x 47mm.
  • Weight: 5g
  • For: homes and workplaces.
  • Compliance: Compliant with Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).*
  • Installation: easily fitted into 47mm depth socket boxes
  • Where: when fitting any form of sockets that are to be recessed into a soundproofing system.

Fire and Acoustic Socket Box Inserts are an essential method for helping to reduce air leakage through electric sockets that cannot be relocated. When a section of plasterboard is cut into the soundproofing system to create adequate space for a socket box, this begins to reduce the overall performance and will re-introduce an easy path for airborne noise to travel. These are suitable for both retrofit installations, and for new builds. They are compatible with all of our solid wall materials including MuteBoard® and Acoustic Plasterboard.

Each Fire and Acoustic Socket Box is formed to meet the standards of all common socket boxes and are Fire tested to BS EN 1363-1 | 1364-1 for up to 120 mins


  • 47mm deep for single sockets
  • Fabricated from Class O foam to ensure compliance with relevant fire regulations
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3 (1995), rated in accordance with BS EN ISO 717/1 (1997)
  • Very quick and easy to install products
  • Certified for use with relevant Robust Detail wall constructions


EAN number5060484200520
Weight5 g
Length90 mm
Width100 mm
Height47 mm
Fire ratingFoam Class O

We are always looking for the best ways to describe to you the world of soundproofing through introducing guides that range from the basic principles of sound, how to best soundproof surfaces and what to look for, and how to understand acoustic test data, to name a few! We want to help you come to the right decision, so whether this is through the use of our guides or talking to a member of our team - we are here to help!

How to Soundproof a Wall

A combination of the following will always result in a much improved acoustic performance.

  • Mass: the addition of more substantial materials to reduce sound energy, for example, added layers combined with soundproof plasterboard.
  • Separation: breaking contact with the surface or surfaces through the use of acoustic isolation clips or stud framing.
  • Damping: the reduction of vibration through the use of flexible, damping materials such as Tecsound.


Whether you're soundproofing an already existing home against neighbour noise,  specifying materials for a clients 'future-proofing' or adhering to acoustic regulations, it is important to select the correct system. One common, and often neglected thought in soundproofing is how to best treat low-frequency noise.  Low frequencies are not just found with industrial machinery or amplified music, but also in the human voice, in the use of soundbars or small Bluetooth speakers, and in impact noises such as closing doors. Acoustic Socket Box Inserts are a method to minimising the influence that introducing cuts to the soundproofing produce, it is crucial to note here that it does not replace having a non-interrupted soundproof system, but offers a way of decreasing air leakage.


Specify Acoustic Socket Box Inserts on your projects that require any socket recesses into all wall systems. With any concerns or questions on how to install or use these inserts, come introduce yourself and your project to our team on 01937 588 226.

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