Spray Contact Adhesive

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  • Coverage: 500ml can
  • For: all internal applications that require only the tacking of material rather than a permanent bond.
  • Installation: simply point nozzle and spray, make sure to clean once finished and reusing.
  • Where:  on all tacking of our MuteMat® and MuteBarrier™ materials for flooring installations.

Spray Contact Adhesive is a multi-purpose contact adhesive which is suitable with a variety of our products to help provide a tack bond for Mass Loaded Vinyl and rubber surface finishes to timber.

Although adhesives do not directly improve the soundproofing performance, it does prevent the bowing of timber that could cause a 'slapping' effect on the flooring. It also prevents any movement in the flooring that could lead to cracking of fragile joins in timber finishes on the tongue-and-groove fitting and tearing of any vinyl.

  • 500ml can.
  • For tacking materials to timber structures.
  • Suitable for use with our MuteMat® and MuteBarrier™ range.
Weight500 g

We are always looking for the best ways to describe to you the world of soundproofing through introducing guides that range from the basic principles of sound, how to best soundproof surfaces and what to look for, and how to understand acoustic test data, and this is only naming a few! We want to help you come to the right decision, so whether this is through the use of our guides or talking to a member of our team - we are here to help!

How to soundproof floors

A combination of the following will always result in a much improved acoustic performance.

  • Mass: the addition of more substantial materials to reduce sound energy, for example, added layers combined with soundproof plasterboard.
  • Separation: breaking contact with the surface or surfaces through the use of acoustic isolation clips or stud framing.
  • Damping: the reduction of vibration through the use of flexible, damping materials such as Tecsound.


Spray Contact Adhesive is our timber adhesive for the tacking of MuteMatand MuteBarrier™ range. Although adhesive does not provide any immediate soundproofing benefit, its role in the system is still important. When you install a wooden flooring for example or composite flooring, made up of many layers, moisture over time will begin to warp the flooring. When the flooring warps it lends itself to 'slapping' against the flooring, causing a form of impact noise that is difficult to reduce without replacing.


Learn more about what you need, and how to approach soundproofing floors below


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Spray Contact Adhesive can be used with all MuteMat products to tack materials to timber. Make sure the can is well shaken before use. Turn the nozzle to increase or decrease the width of the spray and spray 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) away onto the surface. The surfaces to should be clean and free from dust, grease and other contaminants.

Depending on the amount applied and the product being applied to it, the bond can vary - any area with excessive moisture and cold environments can drastically affect the bond and cure time.

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