Rockwool RW5 Acoustic Mineral Wool (100kg/m³)

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Rockwool RW5 Acoustic Mineral Wool (100kg/m³) is a high-density acoustic insulation for use within iKoustic systems for higher performance at bass frequencies. This can be used within a stud frame or behind the MuteClip and MuteChannel on a masonry wall system. The application of acoustic mineral wool helps to absorb some of the sound passing through internal cavities transferring the sound energy into kinetic (heat) energy.

Using the product within cavities also helps to reduce flanking transmission and cavity resonance that can vastly reduce the performance of a partition if left untreated. The Rockwool RW5 is a denser product (100kg/m³) than other acoustic insulations and thermal insulations and is therefore well suited to higher end acoustic systems for studios or cinemas for example. The product can also be used in place of lighter weight insulation in other soundproofing systems to help further increase the performance of the system and reduce more lower frequencies (bass).

The performance and absorption of acoustic mineral wool varies based on the thickness and density. Please see the below table for a comparison of the absorption coefficients between common densities and different thicknesses of the Rockwool.

The Rockwool comes in rigid slabs that are usually friction fitted into a frame such as between joists or within a timber / metal stud wall system. The number of slabs and the coverage varies by the thickness of the product chosen, please see a table below for the coverage for each thickness.

EAN number5013423282354
Length120 cm
Width60 cm
Height20 cm
Fire ratingEuroclass A1 Non-combustible

Friction fit between studs or joists, the product can be further secured with wire or battons if deemed nessesary to stop movement over time. Do not compress the product into smaller cavities, allow a small air gap on one or both sides of the insulation.

Soundproofing products act as a barrier to decrease sound leaving or entering a room or workspace. Sound absorbers absorb the sound within a room and assist to reduce room reverberation etc. Absorbers do not prevent the sound leaving the space but will reduce it. If you are wanting to soundproof a room you would have to buy soundproofing products. It may also be worthwhile to think about some absorbers inside the room to help reduce the sound before it hits the soundproofing.

A sound barrier is a sound blocker and usually includes insulation with a high mass, which then reduces the amount of sound that can pass through it. A standard domestic door is a good example of a noise barrier when it is closed as it reduces the sound of external noise. Sound waves flow like water and air so it is impracticable to use a sound barrier such as a fence or screen to stop noise but they are effective when used to reduce noise immediately on the other side of them. From distances farther away the noise reduction will be less efficient.

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