Acoustic Sheeting

With a range of unwanted noise issues in the home and workplace, it is necessary to combine materials to yield improved performance, but we understand there is not always space nor is it always practical.

Soundproof membranes can be used to upgrade a current soundproofing system, or a way of reducing space lost with an additional dense, mass layer. MuteBarrier 5kg to 10kg is our robust mass loaded vinyl sheet which is most commonly used as a way of treating flooring to improve airborne performance. Tecsound helps to not only improve airborne performance but as a visco-elastic material – it helps to dampen vibration which can be applied to walls, floors, ceiling and even ventilation and ducting.

Each of our products is associated with a System, so think of each product as a component which is assembled with others to put together the best soundproofing available.


You can view our Guide to Soundproofing a Floor, Wall and Ceiling below, just click on the icon.



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Can be used to


  • Requirement for a thin material or as an upgrade to a system
  • Tecsound to help dampen vibration in pipework, machinery and between acoustic plasterboards
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl to create an acoustic barrier in industrial settings, which can also be hung as an acoustic curtain

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