GenieClip® LB3

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GenieClip® LB3 is a part of the innovative GenieClip® System, helping to reduce height loss with no compromise in acoustic performance

GenieClip® LB3 is a component of the innovative GenieClip® System, designed to attenuate high levels of Airborne noise as well as to control Impact noise, suitable for retro-fits and new builds alike at an affordable price. LB3 is commonly used to primarily reduce head height in soundproofing ceilings.

Key Points on Soundproofing a Ceiling

When soundproofing a ceiling, you will want to increase to mass per m2 to notice a reduction in airborne noise as well as creating seperation where impact noise is concerned, this is achieved with the GenieClip System.

Take a look at ourAssessing a Ceiling for Soundproofing documents by clicking on the images below.

GenieClip® LB3 Information

  • 101mm x 63mm x 66mm (with bracket)
  • Helps to reduce head height loss within a ceiling construction by acting parallel to joist without losing performance
  • Uni-body moulded rubber and galavanised steel including bracket
  • Helps to de-couple ceiling from timber joist
  • Low Frequency isolation
  • Significant improvement over standard resilient bars in both performance and fitting

GenieClip® System


With a ceiling configuration, we would recommend removal of existing ceiling for a secure fit into the side of the joists.

Recommended Centre for GenieClip® on Timber Joist (ceiling)
GenieClip® CentresFurring Channel Centres
0.4m (hitting each joist)0.6m

*Standard joist centres of 0.4 centres


EAN number5060484200100
Weight100 g
Length101.6 mm
Width63.5 mm
Height66.68 mm
Fire ratingTemperature Stability: -40°C to +115°C (-40°F to +240°F)