Commercial Gym Acoustics

Statistics suggest that there are over 7,200 health and fitness clubs in the United Kingdom, with over 10 million combined members. The number of new commercial gyms is constantly growing, with empty units in mixed use properties often seen as a prime location. iKoustic has worked with gyms in the same building as, or right next to, shops, residential property, banks and more.

This close proximity to other living or working spaces can lead to several gym soundproofing challenges. Sign off from a planning officer inspecting the property before use does not prevent a neighbour raising a complaint that ends up in the issuing a noise abatement order. Clearly, this can lead to conflict. The experience you have of a noise whilst inside a gym can be completely different to the noise  a neighbour can hear, whether they occupy a space below, above or to the side of the gym. Loud impulsive noises such as weights being dropped on the floor, create high amplitude (loud), multiple frequencies that can transmit throughout the building structure, resonating  through  the ceilings, floors and  walls. As well as the challenge of reducing impact noises such as weights being dropped, gyms also generate airborne noise through group classes, loud music,  with speakers on walls playing music that will transmit directly through the wall into the building structure.

iKoustic has many unique gym soundproofing products that can help reduce the impact of noise in a professional gym.MuteStop™ for example,  reduces the significant impact noise found in pulled-weight stations or metal plate machines, MuteMat® Gym , our highly engineered, multi-density gym floor systems  are perfect for  reducing noise transmission through gym floors. However, the best advice and the most effective  tool we have is “getting to know you and your gym. Every commercial gym is different and every gym has a unique challenge with noise reduction. Our solution starts with a conversation where a member of the team will find out about sound levels, how many classes you have, what time they occur, how many people doing what exercises, your gym layout, the structure of the building, the placement of the kit within the gym and where the gym is within that building. If you have had complaints from neighbours , they can be an excellent source of information. 

There is a psycho-acoustic element to noise. Noises that commonly upset people the most are sudden, unexpected high volume noises that disturb or surprise people, making gyms vulnerable to noise complaints. iKoustic can support you with planning your gym soundproofing to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

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