Domestic Gym Acoustics

The use of home gyms in bedrooms, living rooms, garages and every other room in a house, has been steadily increasing over the last decade. The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns have undoubtedly accelerated this growth. For example, between March and July 2020, sales of exercise bikes in the United Kingdom grew by over 2,000 percent. This has in turn led to a growing need for residential gym noise reduction, as many have found that the noise from their gyms has led to conflict with neighbours/residents in the same building or in some cases, noise abatement orders being issued.

The truth is, the experience you have of a noise whilst inside a gym, can be completely different to The noise  a neighbour can hear. Loud noises such as weights being dropped on the floor, running machines, music and the impact of jumping on the floor have multiple frequencies that reverberate on the ceiling, floor and each of your walls, creating a need for home gym noise reduction.

iKoustic has many gym soundproofing products that can help reduce the impact of noise in a home gym, from MuteBlocs™ which are easy to install and reduce the noise impact of weights and other exercises, to MuteMat® Gym flooring, our highly engineered, multi-density gym floor tiles for soundproofing gym flooring. However, the most effective thing we do is get to know you. Your home gym set up will be unique to you and will therefore require a unique solution.

Our solution starts with a conversation where a member of the team will get to know your personal residential gym set-up and the challenges with soundproofing that you want to address. Noises that commonly upset your neighbours the most are high volume sudden noises that disturb or alert people, making home gyms vulnerable to noise complaints. iKoustic can support you with your gym soundproofing to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

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