Floating Floors

An acoustic floating floor comprises of a composite of soundproofing materials to gain separation or lesser points of contact with the floor, and the structure itself. These lesser points of contact reduce the impact noise significantly.

Acoustic Cradles are a great way of improving results, as well as allowing space for servicing or helping to level uneven floors, these are our MuteCradles - which come with a range of packer sizes and alternating heights, perfect for concrete structures.

Isolation Strips are also installed to create a floating floor in timber constructions, with its deviating material structure of 5/10mm - this allows a tongue and groove sub floor such as our MuteDeck 18mm to float on top (making sure to avoid direct fixtures into the joist).

Acoustic Batten Strips can also be used underneath timber battens to create a floating structure, keeping the minimum contact point

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