Floating Floors

With an increasingly urban population, everyday activities can become problematic or disrupted as we move to properties of multiple occupancies. It is essential early on in the design process to make sure floating floors are factored in as this minimises failure in acoustic performance at the testing phase, the potential of flanking transmission through neglecting specific areas of focus as well as potentially costly remedial works if the incorrect product or system is installed.

These are important for passing Part E Building Regulations, and it is also useful in this design phase to helping mark out any servicing that requires running below ground level as our Floating Floors can help with this. All materials are suited for installation as a retrofit to improve already existing properties.

Acoustic Solutions For Floating Floors From iKoustic

An acoustic floating floor comprises a composite of soundproofing materials to gain separation or lesser points of contact with the floor structure. These lower points of contact reduce the impact noise significantly; there are products in our core MuteRange that can assist with this which you can view by clicking on the logo below.



Acoustic Cradles are a great way of improving results, as well as allowing space for servicing or helping to level uneven floors, and these are our MuteCradle - which come with a range of packer sizes and alternating heights, perfect for concrete structures.

Alternatively, our MuteMat® USP range can be used to create a floating floor in both concrete and timber structures, its deviating pimped structure allows minimal contact with the substrate and floor finish, helping to improve impact reduction.

Isolation Strips are also installed to create a floating floor in timber constructions, with its deviating material structure of 5/10mm - this allows a tongue and groove subfloor such as our MuteDeck 18mm to float on top (making sure to avoid direct fixing into the joist).

Acoustic Batten Strips can also be used underneath timber battens to create a floating floor with a dense resilient layer, keeping the contact points to a minimum.


iKoustic can help guide you through soundproofing a floor either by clicking on the icon below for A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor page, or by contacting us today on 01937 588 226


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor



Typical Use


  • Part E Building Regulations in both Residential and Commercial

  • Rehearsal spaces and recording studios

  • Domestic requirements for higher levels of soundproofing

  • Gyms

  • Music venues


You can contact iKoustic today on 01937 588 226 to discuss your requirements and we can help you select the right system.


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