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iKoustic offer a comprehensive range of products to soundproof your floor, helping to upgrade traditional floor constructions to reduce neighbour noise, adhering to Part E Building Regulations or in the case of wanting to replace carpet for a hard floor finish as three examples.  Our core products appear in our MuteRange.



MuteMat®  Series

Our MuteMat®  2 is our slim-line, high performing, two ply floor soundproofing material for reducing airborne noise transfer and impact noise in timber and concrete constructions, perfect for replacing a carpeted flooring with a new wooden, tiled or luxury vinyl finishes – all you need is a stable 6-9mm ply on top. Our upgrade to MuteMat®  2 is our MuteMat®  3, a three-ply soundproof floor material with an additional mass loaded vinyl layer for further airborne reduction, which can also be used with the above floor finishes.


MuteMat® OSF Series

Our MuteMat® OSF series is our ultra-slim, single layer oversceed acoustic underlay for soundproofing a concrete floor against impact noise. Coming in thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm it is suitable for a wide range of floor finishes which can be applied directly on top, which in most cases require no additional overlay board. These are perfect for use in large residential builds where the concrete substrate requires a large amount of acoustic material to address impact noise.


MuteMat® USP/F Series

Our MuteMat® USF is our underscreed series, our robust, slim and single layer material for acoustic under screeding purposes to reduce light impact transmission is perfect for use in large residential complexes and when focusing on areas with such heavy vibration can be expected such as in Gym Soundproofing, the use our MuteMat USP ™(Under Screed Pimpled) USP 750-08, USP 750-10, USP 600-17 - would be best implemented. 


MuteCradle™ Series

For a floating floor that requires not only optimal acoustic performance, but also a place for practical servicing to flow freely, our MuteCradle™ helps to raise the flooring to improve impact as well as airborne noise when combining with our above products. These come in two interchangeable heights of 16/30mm and 45/60mm along with packers in multiple sizes, great for when floor levelling is required.


Each of our products are associated with a System, so think of each product as a component which is assembled with others to put together the best soundproofing available – iKoustic can help guide you through this process either by clicking on the icon below for A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor page, or by contacting us today on 01937588226


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor


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