GenieMat FF25

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GenieMat FF25 is a deviated, robust and high performing acoustic underlay suitable for both under-screed and over-screed, creating the optimum floating floor system

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GenieMat FF25 is a robust, dimpled padding to reduce impact noise as both an under-screed or over-screed underlay. Consisting of 94% recycled rubber, FF25 creates a floating floor with lesser points over contact which is ideal for large machinery in mechanical rooms, recording studios, nightclubs and other large commercial and industrial structures due to it's low natural frequency. It is also suitable for dense residential living such as high-rise occupations.

For large scale and on going projects - please contact us to discuss your project requirements - 01937 588 226.

FF25 Performance

Listed below is a typical performance figure taken from our system performance data;

Impact Ln,w dBImpact ΔLw dB


Key points on Soundproofing a Floor

When considering Floor Soundproofing in concrete screed constructions, a dense acoustic underlay such as our GenieMat range provides a great impact reduction in very slimline options - this will help to reduce costs for robust floating floor options as well as being a highly durable product above foam comparison products.

GenieMat FF25 Information

  • 25mm x 1.22m x 4.57m (5.57m2)
  • Suitable for both under-screed and over-screed to create a floating floor, helping to attenuate impact noise in a variety of different structures with optimum results
  • Does not fail under heavy loads
  • Water, mould, bacteria and fungi resistant

Sustainable Building Benefits

  • Global Warming Potential 0
  • Ozone Depletion Potential 0
  • 94% recycled rubber content

Interesting Fact

FF25 deviates between 7mm and 25mm to spread the loading, ultimately this creates maximum resilience in screeding scenarios resulting in a low natural frequency

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Weight65 kg
Length4570 mm
Width1220 mm
Height25 mm