MuteBarrier™ 5kg/m2

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MuteBarrier™ is a hard-wearing, high density acoustic underlay for attenuating airborne noise when space is at a premium

MuteBarrier™ 5kg/m2 is an effective way of soundproofing a floor against low levels of airborne noise where space is at a premium in floor heights, suitable for retro-fits and new builds.


We recommend using the MuteBarrier™ 5kg within a system to achieve it's optimum performance.



MuteBarrier™ 10kg is part of iKoustic's MuteRange core - these are products that been subjected to stringent testing in both laboratory and real world environments providing the best possible solution for the purpose with a result you can trust.

You can find out more about our all encompassing MuteRange by clicking on the icon below, or get in contact with iKoustic today.



How to Soundproof a Floor

When considering Floor Soundproofing in timber constructions, a dense acoustic underlay such as our MutBarrier 10kg per m2 helps to reduce low levels of airborne noise at a height of only 4mm thickness. 

If you are uncertain of what to look for when soundproofing a floor, you can read our handy guide - A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor by clicking on the icon below.


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor




MuteBarrier™ 5kg/m2 Information

  • 2mm x 5m x 1200mm (6m2)
  • Can be used as a single sheeting or to improve results, used as part of our MuteBarrier™ 5kg/m2 System
  • Suitable for reducing low levels of airborne noise
  • Impact noise will not be reduced with MuteBarrier, please see our MuteMat range for guidance on reducing impact
  • PVC Mass Loaded Vinyl


EAN number5060484200131
Weight30 kg
Length5000 mm
Width1200 mm
Height2 mm

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