MuteMat 3

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MuteMat 3 is our best performing, three-ply acoustic underlay, suitable for a wide range of applications

MuteMat 3 is three-ply, high performing resilient floor mat achieving a superior impact and airborne attenuation in both timber and concrete structures. MuteMat 3 comprises of three materials, 5kg per m2 Mass Loaded Vinyl, a 6mm PE crosslinked foam (closed cell) and a 7.5kg per m2 Mass Loaded Vinyl. These two different densities within Mass Loaded Vinyl help to reduce resonance within identical masses.



How to Soundproof a Floor

When considering Floor Soundproofing you would need to identify if possible whether it is a timber or concrete construction. If your property is a timber construction, you need to have a resilient layer that has good compressibility to reduce impact noise to yield the best result - this is evident in our 6mm closed cell foam. Again, if it's a timber construction and you are looking to reduce airborne noise you will want to look to increase the mass per m2 - this is provided in our Mass Loaded Vinyl layer. The top Mass Loaded Vinyl provides a dense layer to the top of the 6mm closed cell foam, helping to spread the load leaving a more robust matting

If you are uncertain of what to look for when soundproofing a floor, you can read our handy guide - A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor by clicking on the icon below


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor




MuteMat 3 Information

  • 12mm x 600mm x 1200mm (0.72m2)
  • For reducing impact and airborne noise in both timber and concrete structures, use in our MuteMat 3 Systems for optimum results
  • 6mm Closed Cell Foam, 4mm and 2mm Mass Loaded Vinyl layers
  • Part E Building Regulations
  • Mould, moisture and fungus resistant

We recommend using the MuteMat 3 within a system to achieve it's optimum performance.

Timber Construction

  • Use of high density acoustic mineral wool between joist to reduce flanking transmission and cavity resonance
  • Isolation Strips on top of joist to decouple the sub-floor layer

Concrete Construction

  • Due to the mass of concrete being relatively high in most cases, we would advise the seperation of MuteMat 3 using our MuteCradle System or Timber Battening to suspend the mass for best results.

MuteMat 3 Performance Data

Listed below is a typical reduction figure taken from our system performance data;


Impact Ln,w (Weighted)Impact  ΔLw (Reduction)Airborne DnT,w (C;Ctr)
EAN number5060484200018
Weight9.5 kg
Length1200 mm
Width600 mm
Height12 mm
Fire ratingFoam Class O, MLV Zero Burn Rate

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