MuteMat™ 3

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MuteMat™ 3 is our best performing, three-ply acoustic underlay, suitable for a wide range of applications

MuteMat 3 is three-ply, high performing soundproofing floor mat for achieving superior impact and airborne attenuation in both timber and concrete structures, it is suitable for almost all internal building applications including large scale residential builds. MuteMat 3 comprises of three effective soundproofing materials, a 6mm PE crosslinked foam (closed cell) which has a consistent in molecular structure ensuring a high quality sandwiches between a 5kg per m2 Mass Loaded Viny and a 7.5kg per m2 Mass Loaded Vinyl - these two different densities within Mass Loaded Vinyl help to reduce resonance which can be found together and amplified with identical masses, these are also both hard wearing and able to receive carpet directly on top with the need for an overlay board, additional floor coverings are explained in detail on our installation guide found under our Related PDF tab above or in our Library.


We recommend using the MuteMat 3 within a system to achieve it's optimum performance.


MuteMat™ 3 is part of iKoustic's MuteRange core - these are products that been subjected to stringent testing in both laboratory and real world environments providing the best possible solution for the purpose with a result you can trust.

You can find out more about our all encompassing MuteRange by clicking on the icon below, or get in contact with iKoustic today.



How to Soundproof a Floor

When considering Floor Soundproofing you would need to identify if possible whether it is a timber or concrete construction. If your property is a timber construction, you need to have a resilient layer that has good compressibility to reduce impact noise to yield the best result - this is evident in our 6mm closed cell foam. Again, if it's a timber construction and you are looking to reduce airborne noise you will want to look to increase the mass per m2 - this is provided in our Mass Loaded Vinyl layer. The top Mass Loaded Vinyl provides a dense layer to the top of the 6mm closed cell foam, helping to spread the load leaving a more robust matting

If you are uncertain of what to look for when soundproofing a floor, you can read our handy guide - A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor by clicking on the icon below


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor




MuteMat 3 Information

  • 12mm x 600mm x 1200mm (0.72m2)
  • Soundproof Floor option for reducing impact and airborne noise in both timber and concrete structures
  • Flexible, easy to cut and install
  • Mould, moisture and fungus resistant
  • Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland) and Building Standards Technical Handbook 2017 for Scotland for impact transmission.

Concrete Construction

  • Due to the mass of concrete being relatively high in most cases, we would advise the seperation of MuteMat 3 using our MuteCradle System or Timber Battening to suspend the mass for best results.

MuteMat 3 Performance Data

Listed below is a typical reduction figure taken from our system performance data.


Impact Ln,w (Weighted)Impact  ΔLw (Reduction)Airborne DnT,w (C;Ctr)
EAN number5060484200018
Weight9.5 kg
Length1200 mm
Width600 mm
Height12 mm
Fire ratingFoam Class O, MLV Zero Burn Rate

This product is part of the following systems:

MuteMat™ 3 is high performing against impact noise because of it's Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam and it's dense layer of mass loaded vinyl spreading the load - although mass loaded vinyl is not effective on it’s own against impact noise, in this case it is important. The two layers of mass loaded vinyl also vastly improve airborne noise reduction, especially when they are featured as part of an acoustic system. Carpet will offer some sound proofing qualities against impact noise, but not to the degree of which a dedicated sound insulation material provides, this is because it is easily compressed underfoot, carpet will offer little to no sound insulation against airborne noise.

We often use the analogy here of running a 100mm race in either slippers (a soft fabric material which allows a lot of contact to the body) or in running trainers (offering maximum resilience and specially designed for the purpose, reducing the impact transference in to the body)

MuteMat™ 3 is a compressible sound insulation material and this is an important function for the reduction of impact noise - it is not suitable for installing tiled or wooden finishes directly on top; but it is very effective in making sure replacements of carpet in apartments with laminate flooring receive the best sound proofing possible, so as to not disrupt neighbours. An over boarding is required with: ceramic tiling, laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, luxury vinyl flooring such as amtico and karndean, and standard vinyl floorings such as lino.

Building Control will often want to see the acoustic performance values when trading off carpeted flooring with proposed new hard floor finishes, we can help you with this - 01937 588 226.

Concerning Building Regulations, it will most likely be required that you bond all sound proof materials to the floor so that it exists as ‘fabric of the structure’, in other words so it cannot be removed at a later date after passing the regulations; this is usually up to the discretion of the acoustic testing engineer. With any hard finishes you will want to bond MuteMat™ 3 to the floor and any over boarding then bonded to the top to reduce flex and movement in the flooring. Using adhesive will not increase it’s sound proofing qualities. No adhesive is required when regulations are not concerned, as well as when using a woven carpet, this can be pulled over the top and attached to Carpet Gripper Strips around the perimeter.

No over boarding is required with woven carpet finishes, you will need to use a Carpet Gripper Strip around the perimeter to raise the gripper rods to a suitable height to avoid a dipping around the edges. Carpet Tiles will benefit from the installation of an over boarding to reduce the edges coming apart, carpet tiles are often used in offices, so when you are soundproofing an office with the use of MuteMat™ 3 an over boarding will help to support wheelbase chairs.

When you are looking for wall sound proofing options, MuteMat™ 3 would not be your best option - although there would be no issue in using it, it won’t offer a great finish nor can it be decorated over. We offer a range of effective wall sound insulation options for stud framing, brick, block and concrete constructions.

Mute Mat™ 3’s impact performance is almost identical to MuteMat™ 2, and since it is impact noise that is largely the main concern, MuteMat™ 2 may be your most cost-effective option. You can click here for a video on how MuteMat™ is installed on stairs.

The first concern many have when looking to soundproof a bathroom or wet room is whether water or vapour will become trapped in any foam materials belonging to the sound insulation material, MuteMat™ 3 is not subject to these issues as the Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam does not absorb moisture, nor does it suffer from fungal or mould issues. It offers high levels of sound insulation for both airborne and impact noise. Tiling and lino floor finishes may require a form of water resistant marine over boarding as opposed to standard ply or MDF as a bed to lay the flooring correctly.

With the installation of underfloor heating, whatever lays on top must be able to pass heat energy through without straining the heating system. MuteMat™ 3 is comprised of two layers of mass loaded vinyl which work incredibly well at reducing sound energy, but will, if installed on top, suppress heat energy. We would recommend seeking advice from the Underfloor Heating specialist before proceeding with MuteMat™ 3 as well as proceeding with a underfloor heating system when soundproofing requirements need to be met - we are happy to send out samples to make sure it is compatible. In most situations MuteMat™ 3 would be best installed underneath as an option for sound proofing underfloor heating trays.

Because of how the MuteMat™ 3 is laminated together - it only comes in sheets. The different densities of mass loaded vinyl would make it very difficult to roll and could cause separation between the layers over time.

MuteMat™ 3 is best cut with a fresh Stanley blade and a straight edge or metal ruler, always cut away from your body and behind the straight edge.