Gym Acoustics

iKoustic Soundproofing provide a range of high performing, robust and environmentally conscious soundproof materials for floor coverings, standard gym apparatus and free-weights for reducing impact noise issues within structures.

Our DuraSound Soundproof Floor range is 93% recycled material in all 3 of our sizes, 32mm, 51mm and 70mm. Optimum impact sound attenuation with each thickness representing the best performance for each Gym area.

When you purchase DuraSound you are investing in a long-term, durable product which is highly engineered and rigorously tested to maintain consistency in performance and appearance, each with an easy to install, KrosLock system.

This is where DuraSound comes in..

DuraBloc is a high performing, high durable Gym Soundproofing product, perfect for Olympic weight lifting, free weight lifting and deadlift which is customisable and portable - all helping to reduce impact noise, see our blog post for a more indepth review - Raising The Bar - DuraBloc

DuraStop is a new, innovative product to be fitted to a weight's machine to reduce impact noise from the plates slamming into the machine and into the structure, these are retro-fitted without dismantling the machine. 


Our GenieMat FIT range for Floor Soundproofing comes in 3 sizes 8mm, 30mm, 70mm across general Gym floor coverings to attenuate impact noise up to high quality, robust tilings with easy installation - yielding fantastic performance.

Each area within a Gym present their own Acoustic challenges, from cross-fit to yoga classes – when adjacent to each other you need to consider how these may affect the classes and engagement within those classes without dampening the experience.

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