DuraSound 70

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DuraSound 70 is a highly engineered, high performing and easy to install Gym Floor Soundproofing platform to attenuate high levels of low frequency impact noise and structural vibration.

DuraSound 70 is designed for cross-fit training areas, heavy-weighted machinery and free-weights - all where higher levels of impact noise are expected.

DuraSound has been precision engineered with Compression Moulded technology to create a dense platform with impact reducing pedestals on the bottom to limit direct contact with the structural flooring, creating a cushioning effect with reduced noise and vibration.

Each area within a Gym present their own Acoustic challenges, from cross-fit to yoga classes – when adjacent to each other you need to consider how these may affect the classes and engagement within those classes without dampening the experience.

DuraSound 70 Information

  • 70mm x 610mm x 610mm (0.372m2)
  • Recycled rubber at 93%, compression moulded for increased density
  • 13.15kg (35.35kg per m2)
  • KrosLock interlocking design
  • Slip resistant design

Weight11.34 kg
Length610 mm
Width610 mm
Height70 mm