MuteMat® Gym B34

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  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 1000mm x 34mm.
  • Weight: 25kg.
  • For: gymnasiums, fitness centres and home workout areas.
  • Compliance: suitable for a wide range of acoustic requirements for Gyms and Fitness centres.
  • Installation: please see our installation tab below.
  • Where: Floor application for free weight areas, personal training spaces and for the use of machine operated apparatus.

A highly recycled base layer for our MuteMat® Gym systems to further improve impact noise or vibration transfer.

MuteMat® Gym B34 is our highly recycled base layer for our gym flooring systems. When used in a system as a base layer it offers significant improvement and protection against impact sounds transfering through the floor. Primarily used in free-weight areas and spaces where high levels of impact are expected. This product is suitable for professional and commercial gyms.




  • 1000mm x 1000mm x 34mm (1m2)
  • Each tile contains 6.32 recycled tyres.
  • 25kg (25kg per m2)
  • Signifcantly improves the performance of MuteMat® Gym systems.



The design of MuteMat® Gym B34 is to further improve any gym flooring system, being installed as a base layer. To be used where high levels of impact sounds are expected and the generation of middle to low-frequency vibration occurs.


Typical Acoustic Performance

Results are measured in Reduction, this means that we take the bare floor measurement first and compare it against the measurements found with the MuteMat® Gym 15 in place.


MuteMat®Gym B34 is part of the iKoustic MuteRange core - this is our broad range of acoustic insulation materials that have been subjected to stringent testing in both laboratory and real-world environments to provide you with the best possible solution for the purpose with a result you can trust. In Gym Soundproofing it is essential to find long-lasting materials, that do not falter, or that crumble after short periods of use - with MuteMat® Gym you can rest easy without the weight of soundproofing and all its intricacies on your shoulders.


You can find out more about our all-encompassing MuteRange by clicking on the icon below or get in contact with iKoustic.



If you are uncertain on what acoustic products to best specify for your Gym, we can help - call iKoustic today on 01937 588 226





All of our systems contain a high level of mass if there any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this.

We endeavour to display the most up to date testing and to manage expectation as best as possible. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.


Weight25 kg
Length1000 mm
Width1000 mm
Height34 mm
Fire ratingTemperature Range: -30 to 80 degrees Celsius

Importance of Gym Acoustics


The importance of the correct specification of acoustic materials to be installed in each Gym, especially those located in multipurpose structures or that are even adjacent to residential properties, is paramount - all manner of noise issues need to be tackled in different methods and to the correct noise level to avoid any potential neighbour complaints on both a residential or commercial level, this reinforces the importance of carrying out a Gym Noise Impact Assessment for any proposed gym, as any council based complaints could result in the discontinuation of your premises. With the vast range of activities that often take place in Gyms, each will present their own acoustic challenges that range from cross-fit areas to yoga, pilates or Zumba classes, for example, and when such noise sensitive areas are adjacent or in close proximity to one another you will want to consider how this could affect such activities and the result of the overall engagement within them without damaging the experience your customers receive. Your brand and the feedback you receive is important for continued success, and iKoustic want to help you maintain this!



Our selection of MuteMat® Gym modular tiles come in a range of thicknesses that have different intended uses with each design for a range of different activities, or to achieve a targeted specified minimum noise level. You can find these variations below or contact our team to begin putting together a full solution alongside our Noise Impact Assessments for your Gym today - 01937 588 226


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor



Acoustics in Gym Design

"To minimise the risk of complaints regarding gym noise, we recommend that new mixed-use developments are designed so that noise from the gym is generally inaudible in adjoining dwellings. This is a much higher level of sound insulation than the minimum requirements in Part E of the Building Regulations. Inaudibility is particularly difficult to quantify as it is dependent on the background noise levels and the Gym may not yet have been built. In these cases iKoustic use nominal design targets such as ...

Design targets for maximum gym noise levels in habitable rooms of adjoining residential properties:


Daytime (0700-2300hrs) - 20 dB LAmax

Night-time (2300-0700hrs) - 10 dB LAmax"

It is important to first understand the structure and what impact a proposed Gym may have to not only its surrounding or adjoining properties, but to its internal rooms too. We would always recommend to perform a Noise Impact Assessment in proposed Gyms to help survey what level of impact it may have and to assist with the placement of the differentiating areas such as: heavy weight lifting, lighter work out areas such as cardiovascular and wellness sectors that yoga, pilates and other class activities.

One of the most problematic issues to neighbouring properties of Fitness Centres and Gymnasiums is the dropping of weights and repetitive impact noises that little to no protection against them, even the use of light cardio machinery such as treadmills or spin areas can cause problems with impact noise and vibration. MuteMat®Gym 34 is designed for this specific purpose - to reduce structural borne noise and helping to prevent disturbances to neighbours of both small home gyms all the way up to professional specialist and commercial gyms which are often found in multi purpose complexes where residences, restaurants and even shops all share the same structure, and all of which are affected by the effects of structural borne vibration.

Areas that include free-weights, olympic weight-lifting and personal training area.

Of course, these are not only for large commercial projects - two things to initially consider is first of all the structure, if it is a timber or concrete floor and what you are intending to use. Timber may not be adequate on an upper level to sustain impacts from heavy-weights weights, nor will the reduction be as significant in comparison to concrete. Dropping large, heavy free-weights may require something more substantial to help reduce disturbances to your neighbours.

The design of our MuteMat® Gym B34 product is a 1m x 1m tile to be adhered down and installed in modular form. These will require bonding to the substrate in which you can find all information out on adhesives and which is best to use in a range of applications on our Related PDFs tab.

Where MuteMat® Gym B34 is used for reducing vibration transfer and impact noise issues on the floor, the airborne noise that the majority of gym activities create will still have a clear path of for direct sound and potential flanking transmission that could both negate the floor soundproofing. It is also common for Gyms to have music playing, and in busy gyms - excessive conversation and raised vocal levels - these will all require the installation of wall soundproofing, as well as a soundproof ceiling to protect neighbours above. Another notable area is the isolation of mounted speakers to reduce avoid low end vibration in which can be done in a number of ways. Your gym noise impact assessment will consider all the above actions and what would be best put in place to mitigate them, but as a starter you will want to consider the use of our MuteClip Stud Double Plus options on all walls and ceilings to reduce noise transfer.

In addition to this, gyms are often made of hard and reflective surfaces - and where personal training and important instructions are conducted - these can be lost in large, open and reverberant spaces hindering the experience of classes, putting significant strain on the speaker’s vocals and the people listening. With this in mind, we would often look to specify sound absorption materials, such as our NoteRange - to assist with reducing reverberation in the different spaces.

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