Independent Ceiling

Increasing demands on urban living means that residential properties could well be in the same property as other commercial types such as gyms, retail and even bars and clubs – this is where acoustic independent ceilings are more effective. There are often stringent regulations in place for these multi-purpose builds which we can help investigate for you.

We have a range of high performing and reliable soundproofing materials to help drastically improve airborne reduction, especially where low frequency and excessive noise is concerned.

Our popular GenieClip System can be used to soundproof a wide range of ceilings, from homes to studio builds.


Our Akustik Range (coming soon, please do call us on 01937 588 226 for more information) is used when a specific natural low frequency is required, we have an abundance of data to help you with these requirements.


 iKoustic can help guide you through soundproofing a ceiling  by clicking on our logo below for A Guide to Soundproofing a Ceiling or by contacting us today on 01937 588 226.


A Guide to Soundproofing a Ceiling



Can be used for

  • Part E Building Regulations in both Residential and Commercial settings
  • Rehearsal spaces and recording studios
  • Domestic requirements for higher levels of soundproofing
  • Gyms
  • Music venues
  • Industrial settings with machinery in use
  • Achieving a natural low frequency

You can contact iKoustic today on 01937 588 226 to discuss your requirements and we can help you select the right system.