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MuteWrap is a specialist acoustic pipe lagging material for dampening vibrations and attenuating airborne noise

MuteWrap is a specialist pipe and conduct soundproofing material made of a porous felting laminated to a visco-elastic material that helps to dampen vibration and reduce airborne noise. It also has a decorative aluminium facing for where you are unable to box the material away.



MuteWrap Information

  • 12.5mm x 5.5m x 1.2m (6.6m2)
  • Suitable for reducing vibration within PVC sewage ducts, air conditioning units, industrial piping and other types of metal work
  • Used in combination with Cable Ties to apply pressure to the surface
  • Reinforced aluminium foil face
  • Very flexible material to accomodate most pipework


EAN number5060484200087
Weight37 kg
Length5500 mm
Width1200 mm
Height12.5 mm
Fire ratingUNE-EN 13501-1:2007 (Self-Extinguishing)

MuteWrap is a visco-elastic material with a felt inside to increase it's damping qualities, it is then completed with an aluminium facing. Visco-elastic is a material that sits between the properties of a viscous material (between a liquid and a solid, easily malleable) and an elastic material that both help to provide a material with the density to help sound proof against airborne noise issues, as well as reducing vibration by dissipating sound energy by turning it into heat.

MuteWrap’s temperature range is between -20°C to 60°C, anything above and below these could degrade the visco elastic material and cause it to dry out. We would recommend applying Tecsound a dedicated acoustic plasterboard boxing to encase it. Do discuss these options with a registered plumbing expert to be certain of it’s compatibility.

The use of Mute Wrap for sound proofing waste pipes a the primary focus of the product, it is very easy to cut and wrap around the pipe to help provide damping to any vibration and the assisting in sound proofing against airborne noise from waste travelling through the pipe work. Cable Ties are used to secure the MuteWrap in place and the use of Aluminium Tape to maintain the external aesthetic.

The vapour and moisture levels in bathrooms and wet rooms could over time degrade the MuteWraps elasticity over time, it is recommended to use a Vapour or Moisture plasterboard boxing to protecting it from direct exposure, you will want to discuss the use of soundproof materials with a damp specialist in areas that could present damp issues over time.

MuteWrap is not designed for floor sound proofing, although a felt inside would appear to be suitable, it would offer little impact reduction. We have a wide range of soundproofing options for floors which you can view here.