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Our NoteRange is a broad range of acoustically absorbent materials designed for maximising a given spaces sonic soundscape, something that aspires to inspire, to put creativity on the centrepiece in the world of acoustics because long gone are the days of the dull 1980s modular office environments with the water can canvass acting as the backdrop. Branding today is brought through all aspects of the business, and with the most subtle suggestions repeated over and over with a consistent precision fair to be the most widely recognised - it is vital in the modern world of saturated marketplaces. We reread time and time across a whole host of acoustic and sound engineering websites that the new literature available highlights the acoustic implications that open-plan design workspaces create, lending to cavernous soundscapes that are often found with the favoured exposed pipework from lack of ceiling, brickwork and brushed concrete - looking beautiful, sounding dreadful. But it’s not just essential to highlight that these are issues over and over without showing you the answers to the problems!


A Guide to Reverberation and Better Sound


sound absorption


The sound you hear that this range focuses on treating is called ‘Reverberation’, go to a wide open field and clap your hands - it is hardly likely the sound will return to you, there is nothing to reflect and carry the sound. Now clap your hands in the sports hall and what hear you hear from an untreated environment is your clap drowning you in the explosive sound for seconds - tens of seconds if the room is large. Now everybody is clapping, and it’s morphed into a rather 'muddy' soundscape - talking in this space then becomes difficult; therefore you must raise your voice considerably in the immediate area, and even this will reverberate around the room. It is distracting and causes issues can be detrimental for both the speaker and listeners, especially in learning environments. When sound from a sound source collides with the untreated surfaces of a room a part of the sound's energy is reflected, a part is transmitted, and part is absorbed into the surrounding surfaces. Just as the acoustic energy was transmitted through the air as pressure differentials (or deformations), the acoustic energy travels through the material which makes up the surface comes in to contact in the same manner. The deformation causes mechanical losses via conversion of part of the sound energy into heat, resulting in acoustic attenuation, mostly due to the wall's viscosity. Similar attenuation mechanisms apply for the air and any other medium through which sound travels. If you have any doubts or would like to find out more, you can contact the office on 01937 588 226.

With an increase of co-work and large team focused workspaces, each now requires a level of expansiveness to accommodate everyone and aims to breed a more collaborative environment. But without the right acoustic design put in place - this will lead to a decrease in concentration, especially when individual assignments are given in a space that is often uncomfortable and stressful. The introduction of sound absorption materials that have an attractive design and varying colour schemes help to improve the visual stimulation in sometimes usually visually controlled environments. One primary example is a lack of open window areas that show open green outdoor landscapes; these can be introduced and created in ways that bring our NoteRange materials forward help to create a more positive atmosphere.


sound absorption



Everything you see below is the creation of our in-house design team and is available in full pallet of colours, but is indeed not limited to the below designs. We can structure your ideas with your chosen interior-design teams to blend in or stand out, call our fantastic team today and we can get helping you straight away!

iKoustic offer you the tools through our design team, the knowledge through our research and development, and the solution to tailor for each company, for each space, and each use from open-plan office spaces to swimming pools and sports centres. 

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