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Cadence – “a sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase”, for any bespoke idea please do contact us on 01937 588 226 to discuss.

Please select a design option for Cadence, these stock sizes are available Rounded or Rectangle - for any bespoke ideas please do contact us on 01937 588 226 to discuss.

Introductory Offer

We are currently running an introductory offer on our new product for a limited period, please do contact us to arrange requirements and shipping on 01937 588 226.

The Cadence Range conists of a modern twist on sound absorption materials helping to blend in with aesthetics of the space. Designed with precision cut, Cadence is used with highly engineered stand-off bolts for the most appealing look - suspending away from the surface to improve performance.

Cadence is  highly effective at reducing reverberation in a range of spaces -  merging art and acoustics for the modern home and workplace.


If you are uncertain of what to look for with treating reverberation or what reverberation is – we have a handy guide – A Guide to Reverberation and Better Sound which is available by clicking on the icon below.


A Guide to Reverberation and Better Sound



Bespoke Products

We offer a bespoke product tailoring for our Cadence Range with our in-house designer to help cater to your requirements - do contact us on 01937 588 226 today to discuss.


Cadence Range Information

  • Stock sizes available in Rounded and Squared
  • Stand-off Bolts Included
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.00 (average of 100% across all frequencies)
  • Made from 100% polyester fibres
  • Material is made up of 65% post consumer recycled materials.
  • Durable structure providing long lasting stability
  • Available in 15 different colours which can be alternated within designs