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Harmony - “A pleasing combination of elements in a whole.”, for any bespoke ideas please do contact us on 01937 588 226 to discuss.

Please select a design option for Harmony, these stock sizes are available Rounded, Squared or Splat - for any bespoke ideas please do contact us on 01937 588 226 to discuss.

The Harmony Range is a collection of high performing, beautifully appealing sound absorption panels that can compliment any aesthetic in any interior with a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours available.

The panels are available in two different materials according to the aesthetic and functionality required. They can be fixed directly to the ceiling or suspended using an easy installation gripple system.

The possibilities available with Harmony are endless, as the tiles can be custom cut into almost any shape to match your interior.

Harmony is ideal for controlling reverberation in a space whilst being easy to install - suitable for most applications merging art and acoustics for the modern home and workplace.


If you are uncertain of what to look for with treating reverberation or what reverberation is – we have a handy guide – A Guide to Reverberation and Better Sound which is available by clicking on the icon below.


A Guide to Reverberation and Better Sound



Bespoke Products

We offer a bespoke product tailoring for our Harmony Range with our in-house designer to help cater to your requirements - do contact us on 01937 588 226 today to discuss.


Harmony Range Information

  • Stock sizes available in Squared, Rounded
  • Noise Reduction Coeffecient of 1.00 (average of 100% across all frequencies)
  • Made from 100% polyester fibres
  • Durable structure providing long lasting stability
  • Available in 15 different colours which can be alternated within designs