Printed Note™

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Please select a design option for Printed Note™ - for any bespoke ideas please do contact us on 01937 588 226 to discuss.

You may have a favourite piece of photography or artwork from an artist that you want to combine with sound absorption, whether it’s your own, a local artist or somebody internationally renowned - whoever it may be, as long as it’s high quality and licensed - we can make it happen! The Printed Note™ is often cut to the best quality resolution of the image and is available either in a 25mm thickness which when fixed direct yields a Class C performance, NRC 75% and a 50mm thickness with returns a Class A performance, NRC 95%.



Printed Note™ Information

  • Stock sizes provided in 25mm and 50mm
  • Hard, protective facing helping to reduce potential impact damage
  • Suitable for Part E Building Regulations regarding communal hallways connecting multiple dwellings, this requires a Class C Absorber
  • Minimum Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.85, an average of 85% across the frequency range
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Not affected by moisture, mould or mildew
  • Durable and long lasting



We want to help inspire you on your projects, helping to feed in the internal design with the use of our Printed Note™ alongside additional Note™ products to feel both the benefit of a beautiful space with the best acoustics possible. We have chosen a select few from our case studies to showcase models and patterns of what is possible. Maybe there is something you like but would like to alter slightly, perhaps there is something you dislike or the perfect design, but all you want is a different colour - whatever it is, we can help you narrow your options and discuss them with you!


Have your own idea?

Well, we want to hear it!

Our in-house design team can help you every step of the way by introducing them to the physical world as we look how each idea could be composed and how they will fit together with the proposed or existing internal colour scheme. We then create visualisations of each space (both existing spaces or new spaces alongside the architect’s visualisation) to see how they will look in placement. We then send this off to our printing team who have state-of-the-art technology - and then finally we send these flat packed to your installation team, or our installation team if you’re looking for the whole package.


We offer a bespoke product tailoring for our Printed Note™ with our in-house designer to help cater to your requirements - do contact us on 01937 588 226 today to discuss.

Want to learn more about Reverberation?

We often see Reverberation mistaken for sound transmission and vice-versa, to where soundproofing materials are installed without the correct guidance and end up creating a space no better acoustically than it was before. Sound transmission is the passing of sound through partitions, be it a wall, floor or ceiling and uses soundproofing materials to reduce them - and sometimes this is required also! Reverberation is the buildup of sound energy in a single room that reflects off hard surfaces and creates an environment where the direct sound - such as somebody speaking, is masked with the decay of their previous word or sentence by the excessive reflections.

You use sound absorption materials to add absorptive qualities to a room to dampen this effect. Reverberation can also be affected by a room's geometry and size, and will often require considering these in addition to its reflective surfaces. When we dig a little into reverb, you will find terminology, perhaps mathematic equations and names of Scientists you have never heard of - and in our information age, most seek to understand a little more background of what we are trying to solve. We have put together a brief explanation of reverberation to help cover the standard terminology that often accompanies it and describes the adverse effects of reverb found in incorrect environments. When reverb is found to be above tolerable levels they can disrupt adequate levels of communication, both when speaking and listening, something that is found to be detrimental in educational environments and critical listening environments. We aim to update this with new research and provide blogs on areas revolving around reverberation. Click on the icon below to read more!


A Guide to Reverberation and Better Sound



Is it suitable for my space?

Maybe the imagery you have chosen is synergic with your brand, or perhaps it is just a composition of art that you cherish. Its aim to serve as an artistic piece with high acoustic performing qualities that applies to almost any internal space, from the workplace to the home, from coffee shop to a Michelin star restaurant - Printed Note™ is a beautiful choice.

  • Offices and Workplace Environments
  • Home
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Cafés
  • Retail

Each Printed Note™ is printed with the highest quality in place to provide a stunning level of consistency and representation, it’s image is sent to our printers, packed and ready for installation for either you, if you fancy yourself a DIY enthusiast, or if not - we have an installation team happy to help put these in place for you!




Weight10 kg
Length2400 mm
Width1200 mm
Height50 mm
Fire ratingB, s1, d0

How many Printed Note™ required for treating reverberation is entirely dependent on what you expect to achieve by what activities and events will take place and by the rooms physical properties: its volumetric size, its geometry - whether it’s a square room featuring an L shape with lots of recesses, and its internal material composition. For example, if the given space has an exposed concrete floor with breeze block walls. A classic case of reverberation where it is most abundant is in swimming pools - every surface is reflective, and communication misunderstood on the majority of occasions - even public address systems become saturated in the reflections. In short, there is no immediate answer to these particular questions without knowing the following:

  • The room size
  • Geometry, for instance, pitched roof with an octagon shape would have a completely different trajectory of sound than a simple rectangle room with a flat roof
  • What each surface has as a building material, for instance, a polished wooden floor with exposed breezeblock walls and a wood panel ceiling

First we aim to create an estimated acoustic modelling of the room or look to carry out an Acoustic Test, we then we look at required levels alongside your budget in mind for introducing Printed Note™ to your space and discussing visual requirements to how you would like each Note™ to appear in terms of colour scheme and their arrangement.

Printed Note™ cannot be used as a solution to achieve the reduction of sound through partitions - the reason for this is that it is lightweight. The lightweight material is best suited for providing better levels of sound control against reverberation, though it is still essential to use both approaches to improve general internal acoustics to have the best environment possible, especially where workplace and office soundproofing environments are concerns.

Printed Not™e is composed of 100% Polyester Fibres which makes it safe for almost any internal application for there are not exposed irritants or loose fibres - of this 65% comes from Post Consumer Recycled Content with 35% from Pre Consumer Recycled PET fibres.

Fire Rating: EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009: B - s1, d0.

Yes, they are, in short! The interior design of restaurants and cafés are amid minimal design trends - exposed concrete flooring and brick walls, large open ceiling spaces and often found now with open kitchen and food preparation areas all to create a free-flowing environment. With open kitchens, this helps to improve inclusion and interaction as a holistic experience with the customers, but as we know, kitchens are often loud environments - even without raised voices. Printed Note™ could be a simple printing of favourite images and artworks, as long as they are licensed, and fitted in suitable locations which are often away from areas with significant steam or smoke as this can lead to staining.

Printed Note™ often installed as a direct fix with adhesives to walls and ceilings, so this is relatively straightforward - for any information on our adhesives and what is best to use, speak to our excellent team by clicking on the Chat Feature on the bottom right or calling us on 01937 588 226.

We take your image and transfer it to our Printed Note™ material, this image will need licensing by the artist, and the cut panel will be sent ready for installation. If you would like to see Printed Note™ in conjunction with additional Note™ materials in your existing or proposed space - we can help with this too!