Wall Soundproofing Products

iKoustic offer a comprehensive range of products to soundproof a wall, helping to upgrade traditional wall constructions to reduce neighbour noise, adhering to Part E Building Regulations or even creating a dedicated space for sound related activities such as; recording studios, cinema rooms or even music rehearsal spaces.

Each of our products are associated with a System, so think of each product as a component which is assembled with others to put together the most effective soundproofing available – iKoustic can help guide you through this process either by click on our logo below for A Guide to Soundproofing a Wall or by contacting us today on 01937588226.


A Guide to Soundproofing a Wall



Our products feature the MuteBoard series, for a slim-line, effective solution in tight spaces, or simply as a soundproofing upgrade to plasterboard - helping to reduce airborne noise transfer between rooms. Also, the innovative GenieClip® System - combining products for a highly effective soundproof wall for best reduction against intrusive noises, encompassing our Tecsound range between acoustic plasterboards to further improve acoustic performance. The GenieClip® System can be applied on stud work, or if space is at a premium - direct to wall.