Automatic Door Drop Seal and Threshold Plate

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Our Automatic Door Drop Seal and Threshold Plate combine two heavy duty products to reduce airflow through the bottom of the door leaf. 

The Drop Seal is surface mounted to the door leaf and is activated once the door approaches the hinge side of the framework, then coming into contact with the threshold plate to minimize the gap.

Automatic Drop Seal and Threshold Plate Information

  • Drop Seal 14mm x 48mm x 835mm (can be cut to maximum of 735mm) or 935mm (can be cut to a maximum of 835mm)
  • Threshold Plate Plate 40mm x 5mm x 1m
  • Silver aluminium carrier with PVC cover strip and Silicone rubber seal
  • Single Swing doors only
  • Fixings are included



Weight4 kg

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