GenieClip® Furring Channel 1.85m

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GenieClip® Furring Channel is specifically engineered with the GenieClip® range to guarantee compatibility.

GenieClip® Furring Channel 1.85m is specifically engineered in combination with the GenieClip® range, it cannot be used as a resilient channel.

Key Points on Soundproofing a Wall and Soundproofing a Ceiling

When considering Wall and Ceiling Soundproofing, you are looking to increase the mass initially to reduce airborne noise, but to yield the best reduction for high levels of noise you will want to consider using a seperating constructions such as a stud frame or our GenieClip® System.

Take a look at our Assessing a Wall for Soundproofing and Assessing a Ceiling for Soundproofing documents by clicking on the images below.


GenieClip® Furring Channel 1.85m Information

  • 1.85m x 60mm x 21mm
  • Engineered and tested with the GenieClip® System range for full compatability
  • Not to be used as resilient channel

Please see our GenieClip® System data page for all further information on the different components.


EAN number5060484200124
Weight800 g
Length1850 mm
Width60 mm
Height21 mm