Isolation Strip 46mm 4/8mm x 2m

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Isolation Strip (Self-Adhesive) helps to decouple structures, reducing structural borne vibration passing through frame work and flooring joists.

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Isolation Strip 46mm 4/8mm x 2m is a rubber-crumb, self adhesive strip that is used to decouple structural elements such as soundproofing a floor underneath the sub flooring and stud work when soundproofing a wall from the adjacent surfaces ultimately helping to reduce structural-borne vibration transferring into the new soundproofing partition. Each strip deviates between 4-8mm, helping to spread the load and minimize direct contact.

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Isolation Strip Information

  • 4/8mm x 46mm x 2m
  • Use between contact points on wall stud work, also suitable to decouple flooring joists from sub-floor
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Rubber-crumb mix
  • 92% recycled material
EAN number5060484200216
Weight300 g
Length2000 mm
Width46 mm
Height8 mm