MuteBoard™ 2

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MuteBoard 2 is our thinnest wall board for soundproofing a wall or ceiling to reduce airborne noise.

MuteBoard 2 is an ultra-thin, wall soundproofing solution to attenuate airborne noise when looking for an upgrade to standard plasterboard and acoustic plasterboard. It is a two-ply acoustic material which comprises of a high density Acoustic Plasterboard 15mm and Tecsound SY70, a visco-elastic material that helps to dampen vibration and increase mass for effective airborne reduction. Suitable for both retro-fits and new builds.


We recommend using the MuteBoard 2 within a system to achieve it's optimum performance.



How to Soundproof a Wall or Ceiling

When considering Wall or Ceiling Soundproofing, you are looking to increase the mass initially to reduce airborne noise, but to yield the best reduction for high levels of noise you will want to consider using a seperating constructions such as a stud frame. The same applies for a ceiling, we recommend using with our GenieClip System for optimum acoustic results with this product.


If you are uncertain of what to look for when soundproofing a wall or ceiling, you can read our handy guides - A Guide to Soundproofing a Wall or A Guide to Soundproofing a Ceiling by clicking on the icons below.


A Guide to Soundproofing a Wall or Ceiling



MuteBoard 2 Information

  • 19mm x 1200mm x 1200mm (1.44m2)
  • For reducing low level airborne noise, most commonly used internally on stud walls to yield best results.
  • Can also be applied direct to brick/block walls when space is at a premium as well as ceilings
  • Tapered edge
  • Plasterboard finish ready for skim/plaster layer
  • Compliant with Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland)

Timber construction

  • Use of high density acoustic mineral wool between joist of both floor and ceiling to reduce flanking transmission and cavity resonance as well as between stud partitions

This product contains a high level of mass, if there any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

EAN number5060484200025
Weight29 kg
Length1200 mm
Width1200 mm
Height19 mm
Fire ratingVisco Elastic Material - B, s2, d0

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