Rockwool RW3. 60kg per m3

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Rockwool RW3 is a high density acoustic mineral wool, perfect for treating cavities to reduce flanking.

There is currently a shortage on Rockwool RW3, RWA45, Knauf RS60 and RS45 within the UK, please do contact do office on 01937 588 226 before orders so we can indicate stock in your area.


Rockwool PROROX SL930 (RW3) (60kg per m3) is a high density acoustic mineral to be used within cavities in floors, walls and ceilings wherever possible, these are best used in combination within systems to see the maximum benefit.

Acoustic Mineral Wool has a greater density than thermal comparisons in which is evident in their slab appearance, the reduction in acoustic insulation for this material in the form of an NRC (Noise Reduction Coeffecient) which differs for each thickness, what this essentially means is that it is an absorptive material as opposed to giving mass.

Rockwool RW3. 60kg per m3

  • A variety of thicknesses are available, slab dimensions 1200mm x 600mm
  • To be used in cavities to provide optimum performance for all systems
  • Euroclass A1 fire rating
  • Always leave an airgap to ensure full performance a minimum of 10mm
  • Easy to cut
  • A 3-5 day lead time can be expected with Rockwool, please call ahead for availability

Rockwool RW3 Pack Quantities

4 Slabs (2.88m2)6 Slabs (4.32m2)8 Slabs (5.72m2)15 Slabs (10.8m2)


Cut with large scissors or other suitable cutting device - you may wish to wear gloves and mask wear when installing this material


EAN number5060484200339
Weight15 kg
Length1200 mm
Width600 mm
Height400 mm
Fire ratingB, s2, d0 (Equivalent to Class O)