MuteClip® MF Ceiling

An MF ceiling partition to be used with existing frameworks to acoustically isolate and de-couple systems and materials. Providing excellent reductions in both airborne and impact sound in order to pass Part-E of Building Regulations.

  • Airborne: 58dB (DnT,w + Ctr) *
  • Impact: 48dB (L'nT,w) *
  • 12mm
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The iKoustic MF ceiling system utilizes the MuteClip MP acoustic hangar, this allows for excellent acoustic de-coupling of dropped ceilings. When used with the system provides a good reduction in both impact and airborne sound transmission.



The MuteClip MP is designed to de-couple ceiling systems from the buildings structure. These brackets can be used in place of the standard metal soffit cleat. The MuteClip MP separates the lower rigid materials from the building structure. These are attached through and into the soffit using a suitable concrete fixing. The MF ceiling can then be installed below, the support angles attaching to the MuteClip MP bracket. Within the ceiling system 50mm of 60kg/m³ acoustic wool should be installed across the channels covering the entire area of the ceiling. Finally, two layers of acoustic plasterboard with the joins staggered are installed to the underside of the channels, finished around the perimeter with acoustic sealant. The performance of the system can be further upgraded by installing Tecsound between the two plasterboards to help further de-couple rigid layers and help reduce vibration.

Partition Build-Up


Thickness (mm)

Mass (kg/m2)

MuteMat OSF 750 3-102.5-7.5
Concrete Soffit150mm*360*
MuteClip MP + MF System--
Acoutic Mineral Wool 60kg/m³50mm3
Acoustic Plasterboard 15mm1512.5
Acoustic Plasterboard 15mm1512.5

*Estimated kg/m2


The system can be installed with a range of underlays for the floor above to suit performance, build up and floor finish requirements. This can be done using our MuteMat OSF 750 range of crumb rubber underlays, these can take most floor finishes directly however get in touch with us to confirm the floor finish requirements and we can specify a suitable underlay for your project. The estimated impact performace with the MuteMat OSF underlay range is as follows:

Underlay Performance


Thickness (mm)

dB L'nT,w

MuteMat OSF 750 - 101048
MuteMat OSF 750 - 05550
MuteMat OSF 750 - 03352

*Estimated Performance



  • High performance in Airborne and impact Sound
  • Pass or exceed Part-E Building Regulations
  • Allows for various dropped ceiling heights
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used with most MF ceiling systems


Questions and Enquiries

If you have any soundproofing, technical or general questions please feel free to give us a call or an email, please provide as much detail about your project as possible to help us get up to speed with your situation and specific requirements. If you have any questions large or small please send an email to [email protected] or call us on  01937 588226 and one of our technical team will be on hand to help guide you through the soundproofing process.


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