MuteMat® USP 750-08 | Under Screed Soundproofing

A pimpled concrete under screed that offers greater protection against impact noise and vibration by helping to float the screed finish. For noise sensitive structures and Part E Building Regulations.

  • Impact: 26dB ΔLw
  • 8mm
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MuteMat® USP 750-08 is our robust, highly effective pimpled acoustic under screed for soundproofing concrete flooring between the structural concrete slab and floating screed. Its high recycled content helps to reduce the carbon footprint while still retaining a consistent density, this assures that our material's acoustic performance and its longevity is upheld without fluctuation or fault.



  • Easy to install, roll out and tape joins.
  • Increases floor height by 8mm

  • A moisture-resistant sheeting may be required during installation.
  • 26dB* for impact reduction  (details are available on the 'System Performance' tab above).
  • Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) and Building Standards Technical Handbook 2017 for Scotland for impact transmission. (Details are available on the 'System Performance' tab above).


For optimum acoustic performance, installation with our MuteClip® System variations is recommended on adjoining ceilings to improve both impact and airborne noise.


At iKoustic our team can help you from start to finish, and with the use of our MuteMat® USP 750-08, we can provide Acoustic Modelling Data to estimate results, and can provide fantastic rates on those projects so that you feel the right choice has been made. We also offer Acoustic Testing for existing structures as well as Part E Building Regulation testing and another specialised acoustic testing for more specific projects such as Gyms and Nightclubs or even Residential areas that require increased acoustic performance for improved living quality.


MuteMat® USP 750-08 is part of iKoustic's MuteRange core - these are products that been subjected to stringent testing in both laboratory and real-world environments providing the best possible solution for the purpose with a result you can trust.


You can find out more about our all-encompassing MuteRange by clicking on the icons below or get in contact with iKoustic today.



A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor

If you are uncertain of what to look for when soundproofing a floor, you can read our handy guide - A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor by clicking on the icon below. You can also pick up the phone and say hello to find out how we can help you on - 01937 588 226!



Making sure you are prepared

  • If using after freshly poured concrete/screed, please allow the subfloor to cure before laying to avoid any complications with the installation.
  • Installation of Perimeter Flanking Band around the perimeter to reduce transmission of impact noise into adjacent walls
  • Loss of space 8mm


Alternatively, we provide Acoustic Installation across the UK to fit all of our systems - they come with a wealth of experience in the field so you can feel comfortable that the right installation methods are being carried out. 


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*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this.

*Our guide price includes all acoustic materials and ancillaries required

We endeavour to display the most up to date testing and to manage expectation as best as possible, and please do contact us to discuss your requirements


Typical Performance Results*

ΔLw (impact Reduction)


Compliance with Part E Building Regulations and Scottish Building Regulations


  • When installed under the correct guidance this system is compliant with the required acoustic values for impact transmission featured in Part E Building Regulations; these are applicable across the UK, excluding Scotland (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland. We would advise conducting a Sound Test to survey any planned conversions in existing properties before concluding on an Acoustic System.
  • It is also compliant with the required acoustic values for impact transmission featured in the Building Standards Technical Handbook 2017 for Scotland, and we would advise conducting a Sound Test to survey any planned conversions in existing properties before concluding on an Acoustic System. Scottish Building Regulations contain higher targets than that of Part E, and our Legal Requirements section has the required acoustic values.

  • For additional guidelines and requirements for non-residential buildings; for example, Gyms, Nightclubs and Industrial focused purposes, please do contact us so we can discuss your available options.

MuteMat® USP 750-08 Product Data

MuteMat® Systems - Performance Data
MuteMat® USP 750-08 | Under Screed Soundproofing

MuteMat® USP 750-08 Product Data

MuteMat® Systems - Performance Data
MuteMat® USP 750-08 | Under Screed Soundproofing

MuteMat® USP 750-08 features both a flat surface to the receiving on the screed and a pimpled underside which leaves fewer points of contact made between the screed and structural concrete slab, this drastically improves impact transmission and helps to reduce low-frequency energy through structural vibration also. The floating screed is fitted with no points of direct contact, even with the walls as this requires a perimeter detail that both MuteMat® USP 750-08 and screed is abutted to - to prevent flanking noise. Its noise reduction figure is measured at ∆Lw 26dB - this will vary on your structure and thickness of screed.

MuteMat® USP 750-08 is soundproof over screed compatible with all concrete structures including block and beam, precast and cast in-situ concrete. No bonding is required to the substrate and comes in a roll, one that is simply rolled out to the edges of the room to abut to the perimeter edging strip and taped at all joins.

For details on screeding and thicknesses you will want to look at our current information on compression set percentages with what would be best suited, with floating unbonded screeds it is likely that a 50-65mm thickness is required for general usage, but with industrial complexes, plant rooms and the harbouring of heavy machinery and use of fork lists - a much thicker screed would be desirable to prevent any cracking. You can find more technical data on the tab Related PDFs above under product data.

Depending on your total weights and what noise levels are expected to be generated will determine on both screed thickness and correct soundproof under screed, we have all our compression data in our Related PDFs product data sheet.

Manufacturing facilities, engineering plants and even automobile testing facilities all often produce overwhelming levels of sound energy that focuses heavily in the low-frequency range, sound waves of this type tend to travel great distances and when subject to solids - will move even further and cause structural borne vibration. The internal of any room that harbours these noises need a significant amount of suspension in regards to acoustic materials in the room - lesser points of contact with the main structure. We can help review your plans of construction and the potential noise sensitive environments in the vicinity by carrying out a Noise Impact Assessment.

Depending on the proposed areas to what level of impact noise is expected and any localised noise sensitive areas, this will determine what level of soundproofing is required and what soundproof under screed is most appropriate. MuteMat® USP 750-08 would most likely have its place in areas of spin-cycles and treadmills to where substantial impact expected through vibration created with increased footfall. In high sensitive noise areas, a combination of different materials would often require to be implemented to avoid potential local complaints and disturbances. We can help carry out Noise Impact Assessments for the introduction of a new Gym.

As we carry out further tests, we have yet to test for Thermal Resistance, but on our product data sheet, you can find information for Temperature Stability and Thermal Conductivity. Once we have this, we will update our information accordingly.

Yes of course - it is the same process as a new build, as long as your structure can safely support the additional weights. You lay it by simply taping the joins of MuteMat® USP 750-08 and abutting to the perimeter detail along with the new screed.

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