MuteMat® Gym 32 Plus | Gym Soundproofing

Our robust gym soundproofing platforming that offers great performance against impact and vibration for noise-sensitive areas that include free-weights, weight machines and large aerobics classes.

  • Airborne: Not Measured
  • Impact: Up to 30dB (reduction)
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  • 61mm
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MuteMat® Gym 32 Plus is our high performing gym platform designed for vastly improving protection against impact noise, this platform helps to achieve specific sound insulation targets that are often required in greater amounts due to the excessive noise issues in gym environments for both impact noise and structural vibration. It is suitable for professional level and public gyms, private gyms at home, and even in office-based fitness areas. The MuteMat® Gym finish is designed as a modular install, one that is bonded with adhesive to the ply finish - which is incredibly easy to install, robust and durable even when subjected to consistent weight drops, it also serves as a final floor finish with anti-slip qualities.



  • Suitable for soundproofing large fitness centres and specific gym areas that harbour incredible levels of weight, helping to protect local residences and businesses from excessive noise issues.
  • MuteMat® Gym 32 Plus increases your floor height by 61mm, this takes in to account the requirement of two 6mm ply bonded to the top of the MuteMat® Gym SFP 17 to create a stable base for the placement of MuteMat® Gym 32.
  • Up to 38dB reduction.
  • To achieve specific acoustic targets set forth in gyms, carrying out a noise impact assessment will be crucial in the introduction or proposal of a new gym.
  • Use of a three-layer floor soundproof platform for maximum effect.
  • Use in areas of Crossfit, weighted stacks and maximum protection against treadmill use, rowing machines and dumbells to reduce structural borne vibration.

With the dropping of weights coming from stack multi stations and Crossfit areas - these set off dramatic levels of both impact noise and structural borne vibration, both of which are problematic acoustic issues that gymnasiums face daily, and they are often neglected on the belief that concrete will help to acoustically insulate them from such issues. Sounds will often, without fail, flank through walls, ceilings and of course the floor over greatly extended distances - especially in concrete builds.  MuteMat® Gym 32 Plus plays a major role in effective soundproofing by providing a multi-layering of various densities and material types that go a long way to reducing a wide range of impact noise issues, this includes the reduction from excessive weight-drops and multi-stack machinery.



MuteMat® Gym SFP 17 is pimpled, compressible rubber crumb acoustic material that deviates from 10mm to 17mm to offer maximum compressibility to absorb sound energy from impact noise issues. This creates a floating floor structure that provides providing lesser points of contact between the substrate and the new MuteGym™ 32 platforms. A 12mm ply platform is then fitted to the top to create a stable base for the MuteMat® Gym 32 that is you then installed on top. What you get is a robust acoustic platform that when weights are dropped, their impact is muted. Each component is sold separately with the ply sourced directly from local timber merchants, all parts except for ply can be found at the bottom of this system page.

Each component is sold separately with the ply required to be sourced directly from local timber merchants, all components except for ply can be found at the bottom of this system page. 


For all Noise Impact Assessments and General Acoustic Testing enquiries.



We provide Acoustic Installation across the UK to fit all of our systems - they come with a wealth of experience in the field so you can feel comfortable that the right installation methods are being carried out. 



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Acoustic Gym Design and the Importance of Soundproofing


As the world's urban population increases, all for a whole host of reasons whether professional, personal or to seek out what city life in the 21st century can offer - businesses want to provide each one of the city dwellers with convenient locations. Whether these are cinemas, retail shopping areas or even restaurants, each you can now find in multi-purpose complexes alongside fitness centres and residences, below or adjacent to one another. These create the need for high priority acoustic assessments to take place to avoid disruption to one another.


If a gym or fitness centre has installed inadequate soundproofing, this will lead to the heavy disruption of the residences daily lives, as well as other commercial premises by affecting their business. Both hold the acceptable rights to petition or put in a formal complaint about your gym, and this can be detrimental if the soundproofing is inadequate and regulations are not, which in the long term will cost you time and effort to rectify. With the installation of the correct gym orientated soundproofing materials at the start, these notices can be avoided, as they could eventually result in a potential strip back of activities you offer your members or complete closure of your premises.


In the process of designing a gym, it is incredibly important to assure that the most suited sound insulation materials and appropriate levels of sound control are recognised, maintained and installed. These will want to be before any gym equipment, decoration or services are installed, the maintenance of sound works on a community level, something acoustic design targets will brief you on, such as keeping music at a certain level. We have put together a guide to what acoustic design targets may be required to consider, although these will require discussion with local building control or council authorities as values can differ.

Acoustic Guidelines and Design for Gymnasiums and Fitness Centres.


Gym Noise Impact Assessment

With the proposal of a new gym or fitness centre, we advise carrying out a Gym Noise Impact Assessment as this will help to look at the best methods to mitigate noise issues, which are expected in abundance, these issues can range from large spin classes generating low to middle range vibrations, the use of CrossFit areas to which require the moving and dropping of  heavy materials, and dead-weight dropping. There are also more general impact noise issues that come from running machines, busy areas with high amounts of foot traffic and dance classes. Airborne noise issues are also a problem and these that can be from impact noise issues such as the clattering of weights and of course, music from both small and extensive speaker systems to where low bass frequencies travel vast distances.

A Gym Noise Impact Assessment will provide a detailed acoustic report on the impact that certain areas of your proposed gym are likely to have on its surroundings. This is crucial to the planning of each room, as heavy-weight areas may be best placed in alternative locations - but until a series of drop tests have been conducted, it is only guesswork.


We provide these acoustic assessments at a competitive rate, as well as developing acoustic designs to meet agreed gym soundproofing requirements.


General Impact Testing

General Impact Noise within an already existing gym will often be required with the installation of new adjacent spaces, especially those such as wellness and spa areas in close proximity to weight lifting areas to where there is any uncertainty of what level of acoustic isolation and soundproofing would be required to maintain the best possible experience with both targetted areas. This would involve a drop test on a variety of MuteMat® Gym products as a solo option and like with this acoustic system, combining them with our MuteMat® Gym SFP range to help with achieving desirable soundproofing targets.


We provide these acoustic assessments at a competitive rate.