MuteMat® Gym 70-B0 | Gym Floor Soundproofing

Our highest performing standalone gym tile to protect against weight drops that cause impact and vibration noise. Ideal for free weight, Cross-fit and pulled-weight areas.

  • 70mm
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MuteMat® Gym 70-B0 is our robust and high-quality modular gym tile, manufacturered from recycled rubber tiles that yields incredible acoustic performance on concrete floors. It reduces excessive levels of impact noise and creates separation from the floor to reduce structural-borne vibration. Its high sound insulation for such noises lends to its installation across a broad range of gym types, from professional and olympic levels to boutique gyms offering the best experiences possible without disruption.

Whether it’s the impact noise found from multi-stack weights, the dropping of dumbbells or the use of aerobics rooms, all filled with the class participants all running and jumping, the MuteMat® Gym 70 can help you.  It is easy to install because of its modular style fitting and Kros-Loc design around each tile; this then only needs to be bonded to the concrete floor. No floor finishing is required and has slip-resistant qualities.



  • Helps to provide maximum acoustic protection against impact noises and structural vibration that can cause massive disruption to local residences and businesses
  • System thickness from the existing floor 70mm
  • ΔLw 26dB reduction (details are available on the 'System Performance' tab above).
  • To achieve sound insulation targets for fitness centres and gymnasiums set out in acoustic assessments or local guidelines, if these have not yet been obtained, we advise a Gym Noise Impact Assessment.
  • Simple installation and no need for a final floor finish
  • Use for areas with weighted multi-stacks, large aerobics classes or spin cycle classes and dumbbell areas to reduce structure-borne vibration and high levels of impact noise



For all Noise Impact Assessments and General Acoustic Testing enquiries.



We provide Acoustic Installation across the UK to fit all of our systems - they come with a wealth of experience in the field so you can feel comfortable that the right installation methods are being carried out. 



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Drop Test Results

Results are measured in Reduction, this means that we take the bare floor measurement first and compare it against the measurements found with the MuteMat® Gym 70 in place.


Test Weight and Distance11.11kg | 91cm11.11kg | 152cm24.72kg | 91cm24.72kg | 152cm
Reduction Result dB SPL41.7dB38.8dB41.7dB37.3dB


Impact Sound Reduction (ΔLw)
ΔLw 26dB


Acoustic Gym Design and the Importance of Soundproofing


Both sound insulation and optimum sound control are important for not only urban, multi-purpose building based Fitness Centres or Gyms, but also with protection against internal noises by placing large weighted areas in close proximity to areas that require an environment to be without external noise issues. Two of the biggest impacts are on adjacent residential properties and businesses, to where disruption to daily lives or businesses can be readily heard with large, blunt impact noise and structural vibration. To tailor to the ever-increasing urban and central city populations, convenience is often key to win the business of its many residents - but these are often in multi-purpose complexes, so it won’t be uncommon to find residences maybe right next door.


Community is what Fitness Centre and Gymnasiums wish to provide, and with this comes maintaining not only the member community but of your local residents and businesses by not subjecting them to excessive impact noise from heavyweight drops and the structural vibration that weighted machinery and cardiovascular areas create. Convenience is another factor to what businesses wish to provide to the ever increasing inner-city populations, and this often means situating them in multi-purpose complexes - adjacent to homes and businesses. Seeking the correct soundproofing materials for this purpose is of most importance to help prevent this disruption, without this, complaints may arise either in the long term, or in an incredibly short amount of time - this could lead to the reduction of the services you can provide to your members or the complete closure of your premises.


Careful planning is required throughout, and this is why we recommend specifying from the beginning with a Gym Noise Impact Assessment, more information can be found below.


We have put together a guide to what acoustic design targets may be required to consider, although these will require discussion with local building control or council authorities as the sound insulation values often differ.


Acoustic Guidelines and Design for Gymnasiums and Fitness Centres

Gym Noise Impact Assessment


With the proposal of a new gym comes a whole host of potential issues revolving around sound, sounds that can come through affect local homes and businesses through being subjected to significant weight drops, structural vibration and airborne noise stemming from a general conversation from large groups, class activities and music. We would recommend carrying out a comprehensive Gym Noise Impact Assessment to not only survey the impact your gym will have on the locale but to insist with the planning internally - so that the noise disturbances are minimal to the other activities going on. We can then take results and findings from the report to help put together the correct soundproofing systems from a comprehensive range of acoustic systems - sustaining your business for the future.


We provide these acoustic assessments at a competitive rate, as well as developing acoustic designs to meet agreed gym soundproofing requirements


General Impact Testing


With already existing Gyms looking to expand their services, noise issues from the adjacent weight dropping areas could seriously affect the full experience of selected spaces. Nobody wants to be winding down in the presence of thuds from hefty weight drops or creating an area of wellness area to where everybody is disrupted - causing them distress. This would involve a drop test on a variety of MuteMat® Gym products as a solo option and like with this acoustic system, combining them with our MuteMat® Gym SFP range to help with achieving soundproofing targets.


We provide these acoustic assessments at a competitive rate.

MuteMat® Gym - Maintenance Guide
MuteMat® Gym 70-B0 | Gym Floor Soundproofing

MuteMat® Gym - Maintenance Guide
MuteMat® Gym 70-B0 | Gym Floor Soundproofing

For all the different activities that take place in a gym or fitness centre and at most hours of the day, there will be specific acoustic materials suitable for each and there will be acoustic requirements overall for each specific gym location to where acoustic insulation values can often be very high. A Noise Impact Assessment will provide the best coverage of what is required in all these events, and will help to look at which areas MuteMat® Gym 70 would be best suited.

Where multi-stack weight machines, free weights and weight dropping areas are concerned, MuteMat® Gym 70 will help to provide the best reduction here. It can also be used for the reduction of vibration found in spin-cycles and other cardiovascular based machinery that generates low frequency noise and must achieve high acoustic insulation requirements.

MuteMat® Gym 70 is one of our most robust options from the MuteGym™ range, it will help to significantly improve impact performance in a vast range of settings, and improve low frequency isolation from noisy machinery. It can be installed retrospectively.

To assure that all measurements have been taken to prevent noise issues creating disturbances to your local community, a Noise Impact Assessment should always be sought after in areas that find residences and communities in close proximity. Although the MuteMat® Gym 70 will reduce significant amount of impact noise, it may be that the structure has been built in a way that lends to additional paths for the sound to travel - Flanking Transmission. If you gym is based outside of an urban area and set in it’s own structure - a series of General Impact Noise Tests may provide adequate amounts of information to specify the correct floor covering. We cannot guarantee acoustic performance in other areas or to any set acoustic targets as a holistic review of how it could affect adjacent internal rooms, or the effects of Flanking Transmission.

A substantial amount of weight if expected in both of these workouts, and with any adjacent noise sensitive environments - MuteMat® Gym 70 may not be enough on it’s own to provide optimal protection against sound transmission. MuteBloc™ should also be used in conjunction to provide maximum soundproofing against such impact noise.

We have mentioned Noise Impact Assessments a few times here, this is because they harbour the most important information of how to protect your gym from soundproofing issues and how to avoid complaints coming from local homes and businesses. It is not only impact noise that requires reviewing, but airborne noise concerning all the day-to-day operation of a gym, loud instructions given in class and the clashing of weights of which some is airborne noise. Music is also another issue from which poor placement of speakers can cause major issues with vibration and airborne noise. Soundproofing systems for walls and ceilings are often just as required as any floor soundproofing.

There is also importance on how the sound behaves in the room internally, and this is with the measurement of reverberation to obtain the amount of decay in the room. Spaces with high levels of reverberation can exacerbate the noise by creating long decay times resulting in negative experiences felt by members not being able to fully engage with activities that involve instructions or a sense of community when unable to engage with other members. This issue is treated by the introduction of dedicated sound absorption panelling and hanging baffles to minimise the decay of sound in such room and our sound absorption range can be tailored to your brand through various designs, colours and sculptures to stand-out or blend in.

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