When developing ceiling soundproofing solutions, iKoustic utilises a wide range of products to create an effective noise absorption or insulation system by combining them to suit a range of budgets, noise levels and needs.

Each noise complaint is different, therefore iKoustic creates systems that combine our products for ceilings dependant on space, the type of noise complaint and volume.

To help you find the soundproofing solution for your ceiling, iKoustic has created a rating scale to asses your noise complaint and find the best system for you.


Each of these selectors act as a filter, which will help to narrow down your available options.

(Please note: 1 = lowest and 10 = highest.)


If you are uncertain in what you are looking for, we have assembled a range of helpful guides in our Guide To series to give you everything you need to know about soundproofing the ceiling of your home, office or commercial space.



If you need any assistance, please do call us on 01937 588 226.


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