We pride ourselves in sourcing the best soundproofing materials available on the market and creating highly effective acoustic solutions by combining them to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

Our soundproofing systems range in performance, cost and thickness. All used in a huge range of applications from gyms to the home and workplace.

All acoustic results are based on a measurement of a system - which includes; partitions and build material such as a brick wall, or flooring and ceiling structure, as well as the featured acoustic products. You will always want to consider the use of a system and their acoustic performance overall - it’s rare to see an individual product measured on it’s own, unless stated.


Each of these selectors act as a filter, which will help to narrow down your available options.

(Do note: 1 = lowest and 10 = highest.)


If you are uncertain in what you are looking for, we have assembled a range of very useful guides in our Guide To series on how to soundproof a floor, wall or ceiling by clicking on the icons below.



If you need any assistance, please do call us on 01937 588 226.


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